Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Has Arrived

Spring has arrived, well at least per the calendar, as to around here, maybe not so much.  I have been MIA for over 10 days.

It all started about two weeks ago.  I just felt extremely tired, so when I would get home from work I would curl up and sleep until I had to go back.  Friday, DH wanted to go to a home improvement store in Ohio.  By the time we were heading home, I was feeling a wee bit ill.  I could feel the cold settling in my chest.  Add to that by midnight I had a stomach flu going too.  Not much sewing going on, and after at least the flu part was finished, I just was extremely tired and was back to the work, sleep, work cycle.  I had a couple of days where I would sew for 15 -30 minutes but that was the extent of my sewing.

If you are feeling ill, maybe sewing is not the best idea.

See the basket in the 4th row?  Yep it is sideways.  I also didn't like a couple of the other blocks so I actually took a couple apart and turned them to get them going to right way. 

I finally finished all of the units for part 3 of the Grand Illusion quilt.  Since I am finished I should probably gather up all of the green which is laying on the dining room table and fold and put away.

I started cutting out the parts for the 4th part.

I actually have all the black squares, yellow squares and have started on the HST for the units.  Maybe this will go together faster than the last one.  I need to see if I can find some more aqua fabrics in my stash. 

All of these HST have been part of a leader and ender while I was sewing.  I selected Moda Bella Bright Turquoise solid I think I need to figure out something to do with these. 

I have never made a quilt using flannel.  The bag ladies project for guild, the first group of fabrics I received to work with were these. 
This is the block I am making.  I hope it works out alright because of the bulk, and the points.
These are my recent purchases.  Some pipe cleaners to get into the hard to reach places in my machine, some Organ needles, and a box of Schmetz needles.  Normally I purchase Schmetz and I don't have many problems with them, but they are kind of spendy.  I wanted to try the Organ since they are less expensive but DH insisted that I purchase the big box of the Schmetz needles and a small package of the Organ to see if I like them. 

Are you as happy that spring has arrived as I am? 


  1. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Your sampler quilt is looking gorgeous. Love the flannels. We don't have Spring yet....another snow day happening right now.

  2. Good morning , so glad you are feeling better. I had what the Doctor called a virus twice back in July and again right after Christmas. Both lasted about a month...all I wanted to do was sleep. Love the black and white flannels. Happy to welcome spring...just wish it would warm up. Channel 7 weather was just on...March 22, 2012 the temperature was 86F...a temperature that will be the record high for a long time for SE Michigan. Have a wonderful week. Happy stitching

  3. Happy to hear that you are feeling better now! this has been a terrible year for illnesses. My whole family can attest to that!
    Your projects are so pretty and coming along so well. I am still working on the surprise quilt for my GD and knitting my 2nd sock...hugs Julierose

  4. Spring is here. in name only . got another 3 inches of snow. grrrrrrrr.......maybe it will be melted by JULY LOL

    lots of sickness going around this year.your little hst would make a cute bag.

  5. Looks like you are feeling better with all the goodies you have there. Happy Spring to you. I use the Schmetz needles and every year my daughter gives me a big box of them like the one you have pictured.

  6. I found some organ, 100 for 12 .99 got them last week. I like them, it's what came with my machine

  7. I'm glad you are feeling better! I always make mistakes when I am tired.

  8. I hope you're fully recovered again now? Sorry I hadn't realised you were missing as I've been so behind with my blogreading, but I am trying to get caught up now.

  9. Good to see you back,my friend!! as for Spring...we are still waiting, supposed to get an inch of snow this afternoon...wha????

  10. I hope you begin to feel like your old self again soon Colette. You're amazing, still productive even though you don't feel way less than tip top !

  11. Sorry you were sick. We got some kind of stomach bug here, too. Thank goodness it passed quickly. It sure left us tired out for several days. I like your black & white fabrics.

  12. hope you are feeling better today. I have learned the hard way too not to sew when I am sick.

  13. I had the flu like that last year. IT IS so exhausting....glad you are on the other end of it. (Have to admit I found myself saying: "ohno" with that row put on wrong) LOL!!I made a flannel quilt using a Twister pattern...flannel on the from and husband's absolute favorite quilt!! It washes up wonderfully! I plan to make myself a flannel quilt by next winter. Have fun making yours...I think the points will be just fine.


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