Monday, June 29, 2015

Blame It On the Rain

Do you ever have one of those days that really makes you wonder why you even got out of bed?  Or my favorite saying some days it just isn't worth chewing through the tethers.  I am going to blame it on the rain.

I have been a bit bummed about my garden.  As you all know, my DH is a great guy and he can build the most fantastic things.  A green thumb he does not possess: you can read about my gardening exploits here. (There are several different versions of this story over the years.)  I have been trying to grow hollyhocks.  One year, soil sterilizer-  killed everything.  Next year tried from seeds--none came up and we had a ton of rain.  Last year I had some growing, while cleaning the gutters a ginormous pile of soggy, stinky leaves were dropped on my plants which were just starting to get a little height by DH.  This year I was so excited that they were actually starting to get a couple of buds, and BAM the torrential rains began.  See not his fault.  I took some string and wrapped them up to get them to stay upright, earlier they were all laying sprawled out all over the lawn. UGH!

Also my anise hyssop took a hit.
Looks like we have more headed this way too.
To top it all off, my car broke down today.  I went to watch the grand kids, Tete the older boy's grandmother came to take them for the day.  So it was just The Finn and I, and he is easy peasy to do errands with. We ran to JAF, then to another store to look for Birthday gifts.  When we came out, my car would not start.  I have a boost box in my car so that I could jump it.  Still did not work.  Called DH.  He came, tried the boost box still did not work.  We took Finn home, went and got a new starter, and DH tried to repair it in the store parking lot, but could not get the starter out of the vehicle with the way that the engine is mounted.  I could not find anyone willing to tow my vehicle home, according to the companies it was too far (32 miles).  So we had to go borrow a truck from DH work, grab our big flat bed trailer, drive back to where the car was broke down, winch it onto the flat bed trailer, hurry back home so that we could unload my car, and  DH return the work truck before those ugly clouds in the picture above let loose.  When it was all said and done, the car is in the barn, so at least DH can work on it, and we were not drenched in any torrential downpours.  That was actually 8 hours of my day, and a good 6 hours for DH.  We both feel like we have been beaten up we are so tired. 

No sewing, but we have been working a wee bit on the house getting things ready for later this week.  We are leaving on vacation, the kids are moving in so they can have more room to run, play, and our house is bigger, and has better A/C.  I thought it was time to change up the quilt hanging in our "living room" for the upcoming holidays too. 
The flag quilt I saw on an episode of Simply Quilts many years ago.  The directions were sketchy at best, and I kind of just faked it.  The other quilt is a Schnibbles quilt named Lincoln that I had to make, because I was dying to use Old Glory Gatherings fabric. I think that I need to get more of those curtain clamps to distribute the weight better for the quilts. 


  1. Sounds like you need--really need--a your little patriotic wall quilts...hugs, Julierose

  2. Sorry about the car. No fun! After the wettest June EVER for Illinois, and the 2nd wettest month EVER for Illinois, we finally are supposed to have several DRY days this week!!!!!!! Hope your vacation goes well.

  3. Love both quilts, hope your car doesn't take long to fix, hate to be without one myself even if I don't need it

  4. Wow! That wasn't a fun day at all - what a lot of work to get the car back! You must really be looking forward to your vacation and relaxing!


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