Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Wrap

June has seemed fly by, even faster than normal. 

I only read 3 books this month, it was tough getting enough time to do a whole lot of anything.

On the upside!  With my new lifestyle change I have lost 15 1/2 lbs so far, and have my blood sugar most of the time within the normal range.  There are days when it is off, and I do have a splurge day occasionally but most of the time I stick pretty closely to my plan.  I do need to get more exercise in, but I am doing much more than I did previously and it helps too.

My goals for June were a bit strenuous.

1.  Farmer's Wife.  I need to get the top finished before July so it is off the design wall and safe from Finn.

I haven't done a whole lot to it.  The wet, and humid weather actually made my blocks fall off of my design wall.   I am going to pull it off and stack it into my sewing room while Finn is living here.

2.  Quilting I would like to get this quilt finished, and off the quilter. I have some charity quilts to quilt.
I haven't had a whole lot of time to work on this.  I figure a couple of hours and it may be done.  I really need to get it finished so the quilter can be taken out of the living room and put away in the Barn while the kids are living here. 

3.  Aurifil Block of the month.  Yet another quilt that I am doing sashing, and setting blocks.
I finished the top.  I like the red I used, it was from JAF and kind of had a Moda Grunge type of look. 

4.  Grand Illusion I hope to get some more blocks sewn together.

I finished this top too!

5.  Slow stitching-

a.  Cross stitch I would love to get the owl done so I can get to work on some of the others I need to do.

It is finished.  I do need to do the name, but that won't take long.  I actually started on the next one and it is going to be much different than any I have ever done. 

b.  Redword Words of Wisdom I would love to finish all of the stitching.  That would be the letters W, X, Y, Z and redoing the name block.

Have all of them finished, and I am working on trimming down the blocks.  I am not too sure if I want to stick with the pattern, which is kind of an attic window in two different colors of red, or I want to do my own design. 

I also started my next embroidery project which are a bunch of barns.  
I have 2 drawn out, and started the 3rd, but my overhead bulb died.  A new arrive today. 

 6.  Handwork I worked out the pattern for my grandmother's flower garden quilt, I need 36 flowers total, and ordered a couple of fabrics for constants.

I need to get a bunch of hexies cut out.  I was getting a wee bit low.  I have a bunch cut, but really need to cut more, but I am running low on mylar templates and it is too late to order some now. 

I also need to get more parts cut out for my tiny yoyo quilt I am going to make.

I got some pieces cut out. 

7.  I would also like to work on the Farm Girl Vintage quilt blocks.

I got two finished.  I am having a challenge with the next block, I am just not loving the fabrics I chose. I am so far behind with this QAL that it is not a huge deal how far I am behind. 

8.  Swoon Quilt I would like to get all of the parts cut out at least.

I did not touch this one, but I did order some more fabric.  Again I was not thrilled with some of my fabric choices so I needed more of course.

9. I need to make my guild challenge quilt after making my "test" piece.

 Nope did not touch it, and I have an itch to make a large quilt using my idea, so of course I needed to order some fabric for that.  

Throw in there that I also made a baby quilt, and quilted it for my new niece to give to my SIL and brother while I am visiting.

Not a terrible month overall.  I have some finishes, and reached some of my goals, so overall I am pretty happy with my accomplishments. 


  1. Love that quilt you finished, you got more done than I would have working as much as you do with the babies

  2. Congratulations on losing the weight! I have lost 17 pounds since the end of April, I am hoping as I get better I won't start eating more again.

  3. Wow! We'd be pretty happy too if you got that much done in the month too. Super well done. And imagine 17 and 1/2 pounds - that's awesome! Well done you!

  4. Good for you that you've got your sugar under control and lost weight! You got so much sewing done, too...wow!

  5. love your projects especially swoon and farmgirl vintage.

  6. Like to hear you are doing well. And man you have been busy too.


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