Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Friday the boys and I had an outing.  We went to Lake Erie to have a picnic.  We were tired of being cooped up in the house.   As you can see it was overcast and windy. 
Finn found a snake. 
It was laying between the rocks which form the edge of the lake. We can't decide if it is a fox snake, or a Massasagua Rattlesnake.   It was very big. We quickly left that picnic table and wander on a path through the nearby swampy area. 

It is hard to see but almost every large tuft of grass had a purple martin on it, which was really cool.

Do you remember that rhyme from when you were little? Being from Oregon I remember that song very well.  It rains there a lot, but I am convinced that Michigan can get so much more water in one day than falls in weeks in Oregon. It started raining Saturday morning at about 4am, add some high winds. 

This is my garden where I had a small row of sunflowers planted. See all the blow down leaves?  I wanted to weed my flower beds, because I had weeds which were significant, but as you can see it was totally out of the question.

I did do some sewing though.
This is my 2014 Aurifil BOM.  The top is all finished. Now for quilting eventually.

I also got the quilting completed on the baby quilt, and the binding sewn on. I will work on getting it stitched down in the very near future.

Sunday morning I heard the rain stop. I hurried out because they were saying it was going to rain off and on all day again.  I dead headed my roses, and started pulling weeds.  The sun came out and DH came out, and he cleaned gutters and I pulled weeds out of the flower beds. DH swears that I probably pulled a couple of hundred pounds of weeds. They were big!
Was your weekend dryer than ours?


  1. We had a nice day on Saturday but it poured buckets on Sunday. Try taking three small dogs outside in the rain to do their "thing". Not fun! Looks like more rain during the week. Perhaps my zinnia seeds will take root!
    Pugs and kisses,

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful picnic! Sweet little boys! Love your BOM top...looks great in those reds!

  3. Nice post and great pictures. We had a small thunderstorm yesterday afternoon. A nice amouunt of rain. The weeds and trees are brittle from drought, lightening makes most of us nervous.

  4. Actually we need more rain--so you can send it to us here in SE CT. We were so happy to see an all day rain event this past weekend.
    When my hubs mowed on Friday it was like the Dust Bowl out there.
    My one tomato and one cuke plant are gasping for water.
    I love your red and white quilt--I wish I could piece those fancy blocks like that!!
    Nice work hugs, Julierose

  5. We got rain but still have big crack in the ground. I went in the garden evening and it was dry as a bone

  6. Nice to be outside even when overcast - bet the boys enjoyed that. Love your red and white quilt - it is very striking looking.


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