Saturday, June 6, 2015

Stitching A Saturday Away

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have been looking forward to Saturday.  I had so much I wanted to do.  First a little catch up with the week.

Friday-- The Finn and I attended a garage sale.  Teresa, from Fabric Therapy, and some gal pals were having a quilter's garage sale.  Sorry it was so packed I did not take any pictures but I did spend some money.

I was good, but I did see some ladies walk away with much, much more.  The sale was very well organized, and the fabric was all packed into baggies, and priced accordingly.  There were bins full of Christmas, Halloween, shirtings, homespuns, batiks, novelty, and all of the colors of the rainbow.  I decided that my stash needed some neutrals, so that is what I purchased. 

There was also a Necchi sewing machine, without a cord, throat plate, or foot pedal, but it did have some accessories, and the book.  The ladies told me I could take it if I would love it.  She is a heavy girl.  But with all the different machine parts sitting around my house I bet there is a way we can figure out how to make her work. 
Saturday I planned to sew my little heart out.  I was a girl on a mission.  My brother and SIL are expecting baby 2 in August.  This one is a girl, the first girl in almost 8 years!  That is after a run of 4 boys!  The SIL is going to name her after her grandmother so the little one is supposed to be named Violet.  I thing this charm pack was pretty close. 
I know it is more like pansies.  I cut some 2 1/2 inch strips from some left over white, and using the Falling Charm Squares pattern.  Using up some stash.  I did have to order some fabric for the borders, and I was fortunate enough to find some on Ebay which will work.  There is a lot to say for yardage. 
While I was sewing I also managed to get some more Grand Illusion blocks sewn together. 
The travel iron that I ordered arrived also, so I will be more prepared to sew at the daughter's house. 
I tried it out to make sure it worked, I think it will suit the purpose.  I do need to get a pressing mat though. 

I also helped DH work on the sump pump, and with a snake, and the garden hose he managed to get the blockage out that was preventing the sump from flowing to the ditch.  Yeah that saved us several hundred dollars.  Between turning faucets off and on, I weeded a large portion of the flower beds.  I still have some more to do, but not a bad bit of work for Saturday. 


  1. Love the Necchi. There is a Vintage Necchi Yahoo group. It has lots of info on Necchi's.

  2. A quilter's yard sale sounds like so much fun!

  3. I would love to find a yard sale like that! Very pretty baby quilt! It looks like you got a lot done for one Saturday!

  4. I love the baby quilt, and so will her parents I'm sure. a garage sale like that sounds like fun. Why don't we havve things like that in the UK?

  5. Did you get the machine? I would love to go to one of those sales

  6. Love the red fabrics - is that a panel with the little girl and the tree? It looks familiar. The sewing machine looks great. Well done husband on saving so much money on fixing the sump!

  7. A quilter's yard sale would be so, so fun. Cute little machine...such a great find! I've never seen that kind of travel iron. Interesting looking!

  8. We are having a stash sale at our guild meeting next Tuesday.....that will be fun ! One of my friends has a Necchi like that, she does her quilting on it.


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