Monday, December 14, 2015

Disease Infested Vermin Strike Again

I was rolling toward the holiday, getting things done, then it happened.  Once again I was attacked by the disease infested vermin.

This sad story began Monday.  I had to be at the daughters at 5:30 am!  Yep at O dark thirty!  I get there, and both Finn, and the middle boy are up and running around the house already.  So much for a quiet start to the morning. At 6 out comes the oldest boy he does not look good and says he doesn't feel well.  He is all stuffed up and feels like he has a low fever.  Administer a cough and cold medicine dose, and send him back to bed, and make the executive decision he is staying home for the day.

Tuesday I was called off because the daughter's SO was not feeling well, and the oldest boy had continued to feel poorly, and ended up being sick in the middle of the night.  But Tuesday morning he got up feeling better, and trundled off to school.  His younger brother, "the middle boy" woke up sick though.  Wednesday the girl was sick and home with me.

Let's just say the rest of the week one of them was sick, but I continued to do alright.  Until Friday.  I felt a bit queasy, and tired.  By Saturday the vermin's vermin had attacked.  What is it about being older that what puts them down for 12 hours knocks me on my rear for about 48 at least?

All week after watching the kids I would work on Christmas presents or Allietare. 

 I stalled out on step 2 because of the bug.  But I did feel good enough to finish up 3 pillowcases for Christmas presents by Sunday.   I had purchased fabric for 2, then bought fabric for the cuff of the case, and had enough to make a 3rd.  That is always cool!

Thursday evening I attended quilt guild and one of the lovely ladies handed me a little bag with scraps.

Isn't that sweet!  Now  I have some more fabrics to make hexies!
I still have part 2 of Allietare! to finish but I am making some progress.  I have my 20 groups of decapitated geese.  I still need to add the neutral rectangles, and finish the cutting of blacks and grays so I can move on to step three.

At guild I joined a group called friendship block.  Each month you get a pattern, a fabric.  You are to add from your stash a specific color or type of fabric and construct a block.  Turn the block in at the next meeting and you are put in a drawing to win a portion of the blocks which are turned in.  The January block you were to add a light gray. 

Monday night I am feeling a whole lot better, but the hubby is looking a bit greenish around the gills.  I guess now I am the vermin.  :(


  1. oh no! hope you get over the creepy crud and feel perky for Christmas.
    getting sick is the pits. especially around the holidays

  2. I feel for you, we have been passing something back and forth too...really cutting into my sewing time, ha!

  3. That same vermin has been at our house too. Glad your better !

  4. Nasty vermin! I've had an eye infection and so did all of the Monkey Boys. I don't want the vermin you have so you are welcome to keep them. Hope you all feel totally better soon!

  5. Kids' bugs always last longer for me, too!!While they seem to throw them off much easier... I like that blue/white block a lot...hope you are feeling better soon... rest and hot tea....hugs, Julierose

  6. Hope you are better, but DON'T send it this way!!!!!

  7. Glad you are better, I had rather be sick than Tommy, men are big babies

  8. Do you hope you are feeling much better now. Love the friendship block.


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