Tuesday, December 29, 2015


We survived the Christmas holiday, and the past few days I have spent recharging.  Don't get me wrong, Christmas was wonderful, dinner turned out fabulous.  I always enjoy spending time with my family.

I received a couple sweet gifts.
My mom and dad got me this really cute kit from a The Christmas Goose Quilt Shop.  It was part of the 2015 Row by Row.  Aren't the machines cute?

My SIL and brother sent me this cute fat quarter set.

The daughter and her SO worked until about 5 pm Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve looks like it will be the same.

I have done a wee bit of sewing on part 3 for the Allietare!

These are part of the 4 patches which will be very scrappy, and the strip sets that I have left to cut.
 I just need a few hours, but most evenings by the time I get home it is too late, and sewing when you are tired is just a really bad idea. 

Are you recharging and planning for next year?  I know I have some ideas to make for Christmas, and I have a baby quilt to get done in the next few weeks, we have a grandson which is due at the end of January. 


  1. I love that kit! I'm enjoying sewing and blogging before school starts.

  2. What a great kit! Love those machines! Have fun making it.

  3. those machines are so cute. love your Alletaire. I didnt start it as I knew I would be wayyyyyy behind.
    I am doing a major overhaul in my sewing room and hope to get it to a "good place" soon.

  4. I too am recharging....and it feels soooo good!!! I'm getting my calendar all ready for 2016...that's always fun!!

  5. Not long to get that quilt made for baby! I just need energy can you seen me some?

  6. I think we are all recharging. I finally managed to work on my Allietare too. I can't wait to see it come together.

    How exciting to have a new baby that will need a quilt!!! You had better hurry up as January is almost here. ;-)

  7. I love the cute sewing machine kit! Very pretty fabrics in the FQ bundle too. I love the holidays, but I am so glad when they are over too.


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