Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tiny Finish

I survived cookie day.  OK it was not officially "family cookie day" since we originally cancelled last week.  The impromptu cookie day was to celebrate the middle boy's 7th birthday.  Since it was his party only grandma B was invited.  The boys enjoy family cookie day. 

I managed to get all of my sewing stuff picked up and put away.  OK maybe not quite put away, more like hidden away.  A quilter/quilting frame without  a quilt on it is kind of like a treadmill in the bedroom.  Kind of a catch all.  I put a shelf across the cross members on the frame, and I put everything on the shelf , or under the frame and we cover it with a sheet.  Out of sight, safe from the majority of the minions. 

Saturday morning the oldest boy had community service for Boy scouts, so they didn't get to our house until after 3 pm.  Before they arrived I finished up the reversible apron I was making.

 The reverse is just a plain muslin, but a little more body to make it last longer. Exactly like the front pocket
Isn't this the cutest fabric?  My sister in law is an artist and I saw this fabric and it just reminded me of her, so I bought it to make something for her for Christmas.  

The kids arrived and the wild rumpus began.
The cookies, all frosted, and sprinkled.  This is on a dining table which has the leaf and will seat 12 people for dinner.  The boys are getting to the age where you cannot get them to take a picture without doing something crazy.  

Except for The Finn.
Finn's backdrop is the quilter with all the sewing projects under the sheet!

This is Finn's adorable pose.  LOL  

We made 2 big plastic sweater boxes full of cookies, another tub full to distribute to friends and family, and the two oldest boys ran a container full of cookies down to the ancient ones.  We had pizza for dinner, and cake.  Fun was had by all, and while there are some sprinkles wandering around the dining room floor, the rest of the house is relatively unscathed, except for the pile of frosting and sprinkles I found on the bathroom sink this morning.  Overall not a bad day. 


  1. Oh FInn is adorable...glad cookie day was a success.

  2. Valerie is so right--Finn is definitely a cutie pie...glad you survived....I am caving on my diet and making caramel chocolate brownies--ya might as well do it up if you're gonna cave---right?? hugs, Julierose

  3. He is adorable! Great day with the grand s. I survived today but have a headache

  4. I used to love cookie making day with my stepmom. I love the apron.

  5. Love the apron! And the cookies look awesome!

  6. that apron is so adorable. and Finn is the cutest thing. love his adorable look. LOL
    I know what you mean about the frosting and sprinkles. kind of like tree needles and glitter. they go EVERYWHERE.
    sounds like fun was had by all.

  7. I never learned how to roll out the cookie dough, and make cookies that stay the shape I wanted them to be. My mother-in-law arrives today, and, hopefully, she can teach me the tricks for rolling out the dough.

  8. What a busy life you lead! Love seeing all those cookies from your family cookie day! Finn is so sweet! Merry Christmas!

  9. That Finn is adorable! The cookies look yummy so it obviously was a success. :O)

  10. I can relate to the raucous crowds! The best part is that everyone had a fabulous time. The cookies look delicious and that little guy is adorable - especially with his cute pose.


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