Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Flakey Friends

I made this guy many years ago. 

I adore him.  He has had a bit of rough trade the past few years with the grandsons around though.
Someone jerked off his nose.  I tried to reglue it on but it is just a mess.  The rose on his cheeks has faded too. 
And his pompom was attacked at one time or another and almost pulled off.  I think he is in need of some love and repair.  When I flipped him over to see if he needed any more repairs guess what I found?
Yep somehow he ended up with a farmer's wife quilt block stuck to his butt!  Lucky for me or I would have never missed the block. 

The daughter mentioned the other day when was I going to make her a snowman?  I started looking and fairly quickly I located the book.

I only paid $3.99 for this book many years ago.  So I guess someone will be getting a snowman.  Not like I don't have extra batting. 

While not a flake, but a great friend Julierose  from Julierose quilts sent me this sweet little package.
Isn't it fabulous?!?! And it has the embroidery floss also in a color that I adore.  I can't wait to start stitching it! 

Aren't friends, old or new, flakey and just fabulous (yes you Julie) the best!


  1. love your snowman. and how funny he was trying to "help you" with that quilt block. your new embroidery project looks pretty. yes Julierose is the best.

  2. Your snow guy looks to be a patient guy, bet the kids do like carrying him about! fun that he was keeping track of your FW block :)

  3. Totally my pleasure Rheema ;--)))And I do tend to be a bit (who am I kidding--more than just a bit!!)flakey lol
    Cute little snow sitter....hugs, Julierose

  4. He`s a cutie, butt included! Merry Christmas Colette!

  5. Such a cutie of a snowman - fancy sticking a block to his butt trying to hide it from you.

  6. The block on his little butt is kind of cute, along with his glued on nose. It's obviously been well loved! Such a good mom to make another one.


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