Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tic, Tic, Tic

I thought I would write a super quick post before I "officially" begin my day.  No I have not been attacked by the chicken girls and eaten (did you know that chickens are raptors?).  Finn did not tie me up and leave me across a train track in front of an oncoming train, even though I am sure he would like to some days. And though I am a child of the 60's and 70's I did not go stand in line for 48 hours  to wait to see the new Star Wars film.    I have been trying to kick whatever creeping crud I have, and trying to keep the world (ok maybe I am being a bit melodramatic) from skidding out of control.  With great power comes great responsibility.  Hee hee hee. 

The past week I attended a quilt guild board meeting.  I am vice president. Kind of like being the 1st runner up to Miss America.  My job is to sit in the wings looking pretty unless the president is unable to perform her quilt guild presidential duties.  I attended a boy scout Arrow of light and award ceremony---very cool.  And one day Finn and I ran around like the wild things we are.  To the bank to sign paperwork for quilt guild, to my house to check on papa he was sick (yep I am officially disease infested vermin), back home.  Um that is over a 120 mile day.  

Nothing completely accomplished on the home front when it comes to Christmas sewing though.

A few snowman on the assembly line.  A couple of heads made and stuffed, and their little orange noses painted and  in a pile waiting for facial placement. 
A reversible apron which I adjusted the pattern multiple times.  (Do you know how expensive a clothing pattern is now?)

All of the sewing will be put away once more because the youngest daughter wanted to do Christmas cookies at our house, and celebrate the middle grandson's birthday.  So Family cookie day part deux! 

A big shout out. warmest hugs, and a ginormous thanks to Dawn from SewYouQuilt2.  I had this sweet little package waiting on my doorstep.

A list pad, a zippy bag, a purse pattern, and some Christmas fabric.  I just want to say my bloggy friends are the absolute best! 

Oh my got to run, the clock is ticking, I have a kitchen to clean up, an apron to finish sewing, all of my sewing accouterments to put away, a trip  to the feed store for food for the girls, a trip to the dollar store for birthday gift wrap, and a trip to the local grocery store for cookie making supplies!  I am shopping local today, even though it is much more expensive.  Maybe I will remember to take pictures of the insanity and post later!  

Happy Saturday, six days until Christmas you all!


  1. I had no Christmas sewing on my list this year....but as wierd as it sounds, I've been inspired by so many I've already started a list of projects for next year. LOL! Hope you are feeling better. :)

  2. Clothing patterns are crazy expensive and I only buy one with 1/2 price coupons. I guess it's good I don't sew clothes as much as I used to. Have fun at your cookie party!

  3. Whoa--you are busy!! I am wrapping today and fell off of my diet when we went out for lunch on Thursday with friends--I mean, who could blame me--(see under French fried onion rings and steak cut fries!!;--000) Oh well, such is life...good luck and have fun making cookies...I miss doing that with my little ones....hugs, Julierose P.S. hope you feel better--try ginger tea--my Grand-pere swore by it....

  4. Have fun, our fun starts tomorrow to

  5. Busy, busy... way to go - you are awesome!


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