Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Free Tax Day

I had a free day Monday.  No Finn---well except for the few minutes he graced my presence while I was loading his momma up with craft supplies from the barn--that is a story for another time. 

I got to work and I made this block for the friendship block at guild.
I then grabbed the fabric for the bag ladies block.
Finished up sewing all of these.
Those are all the blocks for Allietare!  I have 18 more units which are setting blocks since this quilt the blocks are set on point, then it will be ready for the layout and to be put together. 

I got more done, which I will share later.  The IRS gave taxpayers an extra few days to file, and I had a free day too!


  1. Progress, good work! I played outside the last couple of days so no sewing to show for me ;) Supposed to rain tomorrow...that'll get me back inside!

  2. you are making great progress my friend. your Allietare is looking awesome

  3. Great fun! A free day! Sounds just like Hannah and I today. She has finished her 3 assignments for her 2 weeks study break so we get a whole sewing day together - lovely. She heads back to University to hand some things in on the weekend and then we get pretty much all of next week to play as well - some baby sitting included with our favourite friends little girl Gracie - Hannah and Gracie are baking together tomorrow. Think I will just sew and eat what they bake!

  4. I love having free days, but I usually just read or watch TV on them. Looks like you accomplish way more than I do!


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