Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Orange You Glad It's April?

Orange is the RSC color for April.  I did have a few oranges, but not a whole lot, but I did have enough to start on some blocks.

1 Fox walking through the woods, stealthy and quietly searching.
Fox 2 splishing and splashing through the creek.
The third fox is watching warily.
The fourth fox is hiding in the briars.
While fox number 5 searches for his siblings playing hide and seek.

Four more foxes to join the sibling which was made earlier this year.  Now I have my five foxes for April.


  1. Ahhh, orange! Now that's a color I can get behind :) Love your foxy blocks - orange is definitely their color!

  2. I'm loving these foxes, especially these orange ones!

  3. I'm glad the one orange fox finally has some friends! Cute.

  4. Yay! for April and Orange. This month was the birthday of my Mum - long ago gone - and is also the birthday month of my sister-in-law and both my children - great month and great colour!

  5. love your little fox group. orange is certainly a good color for them!

  6. Orange makes for wonderful foxes! Love your captions for each of them!

  7. HOw fun for our orange month!! I love em!


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