Tuesday, April 12, 2016

So Ready for Spring!

I don't know about where you live, but we are still pretty cold here in the great state of Michigan.  Over the past week we have had snow, freezing rain, more snow, and just downright cold, and we are in Southern Michigan.  Mother Nature needs to evict old man winter from the area.  I have learned over the past couple of years that if I want to garden and not buy everything from the nursery, I must start some seeds on my own.

These are my tomatoes.  I had some old seeds which were San Marzanoes from Territorial Seeds these were 2 years old, and bought some new seed- Amish Paste from Jung seeds.  I think my old seeds were more successful so far. I planted 2-3 seeds in each solo cup. I had bought 2 big sweater boxes and I put them together to create a little greenhouse and they sit on the sun porch.  Once these seedlings get a bit bigger, I may try to transplant a couple into the cups where no seeds germinated, then I will have to thin the herd.  Usually in Michigan you can't plant until after Mother's Day, well Mother's Day is kind of early this year, and with our wacky warm, cold bi polar weather it may be almost the end of May before DH and I and eventually these guys will finally make it to the garden. 

I keep plugging along working on Allietare, and the farmer's wife.  I have also been working on cleaning up my scrap pile which seemed to be expanding, at least to me.  It was kind of nice to have DH say that he definitely saw the pile decreasing. 

I did get the saw toothed square block done for the RSC.
 Many of the fabrics which I have used for the RSC this month actually came from my stash.  Who knew I had that much orange?!?! 
All the blocks together.  I have been trying to stick with small flowers, vines, or leaves with almost a tone on tone, I love how they look together so far. 

I did do a little stash enhancement. 

'Cause of course I needed  solids the two at the far right, but then I saw the paisley, and the mums, and the ombre type scrolls, and the wacky looking plaid I just had to buy. 

Then in the mail yesterday Monday I received a package from my quilty friend Kris at Kris loves fabric.  A great big humongous thanks, and a hug from far away to Kris for the giftie. 

Aren't these delicious?  I will put one in my batik, orange, yellow and green quilt box (which I haven't worked on forever) a couple will go into my twisted blossom quilt, and some of the others will go into this crazy idea project that I have been messing with for the past couple of weeks when I am sorting scraps. 

Today it is sunny, but chilly, and windy.  I have the boys for the next few days while their mom works her new job so not too sure how much I will get accomplished.  I have to keep the boys because it is a little too cold for them.  I have one that is ending his cycle of medication because of an ear infection, and I have to be careful with the other two because their mom has mono and it can be contagious for quite a while and the only real prevention is to keep them well, and well rested.  Anyone else ready for spring? 


  1. Boy are we ever ready for spring here in (supposedly)temperate SE CT!
    We are getting a really cold rain today and it is windy--yet again!! I haven't started any tomatoes as yet--my only concession to gardening now with my back and all. I plan on having cherry tomatoes in two pots along our sunny front sitting area and I need to grow a good amount of tarragon (which is not hardy at all here) as my stash of that has gotten low. I use tarragon whenever I make chicken...yum!! And one pot of basil--also my favorite...
    I hope to finish the last white round on my blocks today (if I can work up enough energy on this gray day!!) and then they go up on the wall to see which 2.5" strips will go with the center charms....love your project--nice work hugs, Julierose

  2. I believe we will be with you in not planting til late May with this crazy rollercoaster weather but we always get the itch well before Mother's Day...so time will tell. We are to hit 70 again this weekend but a hard frost is predicted tonight - whaaa?? Glad your sunshine package got there in one piece, I left the card on my table so it didn't make it into the package, lol...oh well, the fabric did.

  3. Love your blocks! And such sweet fabric gifts you received from your friend. Nice!

  4. don't know when we will plant , ground has to get dry and rain water runs off our hill and pools in our garden spot

  5. I am so ready for Spring! The snow is gone, but it still got down to 28* last night. I sure hope you have good weather for your garden this year. Lots of nice orange fabric for your stash!

  6. Snow and cold this late in the season is always such an insult. I hope it warms up soon for you.

  7. Those tomato seedling look quite brave sprouting about ground in the cold.
    What a wonderful grandma you are looking after the boys so they don't get sick. I remember when my boy was little and used to get ear infections all the time. In 2 weeks time he will be 21 - can't quite imagine it really.

  8. I have a couple potatoes sprouting and my tomatoes have made it through the really bad storms we had this week. I'm definitely ready for spring! My sister has some seedlings going, but I'm more of a buy the plant already growing kind of gal. :O)

  9. so ready for Spring. I need to get my tomatoes seeded indoors. we are usually later like Memorial Day round here for the soil to warm up.

  10. I'm ready for spiring to happen here, so they are saying this weekend. Lots of fun and sunny fabrics, Kris is great!


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