Thursday, April 21, 2016

Oh Boy Spring Has Arrived!

We finally have managed to string together a few beautiful spring days.  No freezing temperatures overnight, or sudden snow/ice storms.

How can you tell?  Well our favorite frozen custard stand opened.  Yep it was the weekend of the snow/ice storm but we braved the cold for our favorite small business on opening day which was April 8th.

We decided to get a head start on our  pumpkins and planted them on the sun porch/mud room.
 Tomatoes got there start there too. 
We have actually had to transplant the pumpkins to larger containers already, and the tomatoes experienced the culling of the herd.

And we finally had some outside blooms.  Why is it that weeds and stuff grow so fast compared to everything else?  I am trying to decide if I should just give up on my ground cover and tear it all out and start again since there is so much grass in it. 

When I am not outside messing around in the yard I have been sewing.
 I laid out allietare, and started sewing the rows together. 

I also did the twisted blossom in Orange for the April RSC.
I am getting better at putting this block together.  Finally.

I'm thrilled that spring has finally seemed to arrive, yet I still have time to sew.


  1. Y U M --that frozen custard looks SO good! cute picture.
    You really have a good head start on pumpkins and tomatoes--I haven't started anything here--we had frost AGAIN this morning--but then it gets really up to the 60's daytimes. So, May 31st for any outside stuff--my hydrangea seems ok, but a bit droopey rain here either.
    Your twisted (sister? remember that?? hahaha) blocks look great...
    I made block # 2 on Cass' quilt (have to come up with a name) hugs, Julierose

  2. Going to do a bit of plant shopping today, hopefully some stitching too! I am enjoying the April showers :) You are really chugging along, looking great!

  3. Since I can only grow dust and dog fur (no input from me needed) Spring doesn't take away any time from my sewing. The quilt is almost done. Woohoo. Nice blocks, too.

  4. love all your projects. and good for you supporting your local frozen custard shop. looks yummy!

  5. Allietare looks fantastic. I still LOVE those blossom blocks.

  6. Oh yum! That ice cream looks so good! Our little drive in won't open til the end of May. Your plants are looking good. Wow! Great progress on Allietare. I love those twisted blossom blocks too!

  7. Oh wow! Allietare is looking gorgeous! the colours all go so nicely together and so much to look at. Love it!

  8. Allietare is gorgeous! I must say that frozen custard looks delicious and makes me want some NOW!


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