Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Weekend Cleanout

A couple of years ago the MIL basement flooded.  All I can say is Oh My!  DH did clean out one room, which was about 6 X 9 it was where his father used to escape from the family.  DH's dad liked to hunt arrowheads, and he had quite the collection, which he fussed with and mounted on boards.  At that time, one of the nieces cleaned out the summer canning kitchen, DH cleaned the furnace, and water heater area, and the niece and DH cleaned where the old laundry, and canning shelves were, but no one ever touched.....the dreaded craft room. 

Until this past weekend.  We took a trailer which was 8 X 20 and told the sisters if there is anything you want out of there you better get it out now. When it was all said and done we filled that trailer, to go to the dump, after all the stuff had been in a flood and sewer back up.  But there a few totes that were water tight.  What the MIL did not want and we thought was salvageable we packed up in the pick up and brought home to sort through.  Some we kept, some was donated, and some will go to the sale.

 A bolt of cross stitch fabric, enough batting for at least 3 lap quilts, and a roll of polyfil batting which will go to the quilt guild , 2 huge bags full of vintage linens (mine), 2 boxes full of doll making supplies (sale), a box of plastic canvas supplies (sale), I sent a shopping bag full of plastic lacing, and another bag full of ribbon home with the daughter.  A box full of lace and eyelet to be donated, 5 boxes of fabric (mine), 2  boxes full of supplies for making decorative wreaths (sale), a  box full of sequins and supplies to make beaded/sequin ornaments (sale), a  box full of supplies to make lighted Christmas decorations (sale), and 6 boxes full of needle punch thread and fabric for needle punch (you can see 3 of those boxes to the right  in the photo below, they are the ones which are about the size of those pizza making kits you get). Yes these too are going to the sale. 
There was so much we had to put some into the loft until the sale in 2 weeks.  Oh did I mention several lap weaving frames, quilting frames, and floral arranging supplies, and crochet thread, and craft books?  That does not include the 10 totes of beads, and bead craft supplies that the MIL could not part with, nor the 3-4 boxes full of crochet yarn for knitted dish clothes or  the 2 bags to be donated to the senior home.   When I say boxes these are big book boxes which are about 3 X 3 X 3 or those gigantic 30 gallon totes with lids. 

Some of the treasures that we decided to keep?
An old travel iron that had never been used. 

 A book of crochet stitches.
A 7-Up bottle opener, and a stainless steel tape measure. 

It is nice having her basement cleaned, and I scrubbed the floor and walls after we cleaned the room out, hopefully we won't have to have a clean out again because of a flood. 


  1. Boy what a job you did!! Crafters just accumulate so much--ask me how I know ;--000...I am itching to re-organize again, but my back is saying "no-no"-- not today will be food shopping and then home to make my own flair badges for scrapbooking...punching scraps of paper and gluing time--what fun!! Love it!! hugs, Julierose

  2. What resolve! You did good with not absorbing much yourself ;) We have some of those 7up bottle Grampa had a handful of them and I couldn't help but take them when he died.

  3. I can't imagine how overwhelming this may have felt! Some good quilty finds though....good luck with the sales.

  4. It sounds like it was a huge job! I love the little travel iron. Five boxes of fabric, I hope there is some good quilty stuff in them.

  5. I love it! The Dreaded Craft Room! I have dreaded rooms, one of them crafty. Wonderful post!

  6. Wow! You guys did amazing cleaning it all out - all fresh and tidy now, and so much stuff to sell and donate. Fantastic!

  7. What a good DIL to help do all of this. Looks like it was a lot of work!


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