Saturday, November 10, 2018

Happy Mail

I know we all have one of those days.  We just feel blech, things are going bad, and you cry from frustration.  I had one of those days the other day--well for several days truthfully.

Imagine my delight when I opened the mailbox to a package from my friend Kris of Kris Loves Fabric!

Puppy fabric it looks like Bobbin.

A transfer and crayon quilt kit.

And a kit from McKenna Ryan.  I am learning to have more Faith, and the butterflies how appropriate. 

Thank you so much Kris.  I cannot even begin to explain where I was emotionally when this sweet package arrived.  This week has been much better.  Quilty friends are the best.


  1. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Just when we need a lift he sends us an angel...what a great package from Kris

  2. Wonderful happy mail...glad it lifted you up--we all have those down days--they seem to catch me unawares--and then it's hard to push myself up again.... hang in's so hard at Holiday time to deal with losses...sending some prayers for you...remember: "Keep a green branch in your heart, and the singing bird will come"--hugs, Julierose

  3. Wonderful package and the timing was spot on. Quilting friends are awesome.

  4. Quilting friends are such a blessing. The timing sounds just perfect too.

    I agree, that cute fabric reminds me of Bobbin too. I love the McKenna Ryan pieces.

  5. Glad for a chance to lift your spirits my friend.

  6. Sometimes we get promptings to do something kind for another. Kris listened to her heart when sending you this at just the right moment for you. Love you both!


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