Wednesday, November 14, 2018

I Like Thursday #43

Welcome to week #43 of my I like Thursday posts.  I will admit, when LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color started to encourage me to post on Thursdays I was very reticent.  Then I got into a groove, but lately it isn't that I don't like anything.  I have started to keep very busy, even so much as to not sit down and read many blogs during the week.  Translate to missing my blogging friends, but accomplishing a lot more during the day, and evenings.

So my I likes are short again this week.

I like these rechargeable flashlights.  There is one in the barn and a pair in the house.  They were made by MAC Tools.

 I was told that they were very expensive.  But I have to remember the operative word here is "rechargeable".  Even if I haven't used it in 2-3 months I need to charge them so that they work.  But they are a nice weight, and have great light.  When charged. You really appreciate flashlights when the power goes out which is has been doing on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day while they are working on all of the utility lines in the area.  We won't even talk about how many times a day I have to go back and rest all the clocks.  Some are continuously flashing the wrong time. 

I love these food bins I bought to put the cat and dog food in.  I like to get the big bags, because even though I have small animals, it is a lot cheaper buying big bags of food.  But the food kind of gets stale smelling even with the resealable bags.  Also I don't have to worry about the bags tipping over anymore. These bins will hold 25 lb bags of pet food.

Egg cartons.  Once upon a time we would get egg cartons donated to us by friends, and family.  But that source has dried up, unfortunately my chickens are laying like crazy.  I used up every egg carton I could scrounge up and I had at least 5 dozen eggs sitting in bowls in my refrigerator.  So I found a deal on 2 giant boxes of egg cartons that when it is all said and done I pay about 15 cents per box.  Also they are recycled pulp paper.  I cleaned up my pantry and found a perfect place where they are handy, but not in the way.

I love fresh pressed apple cider and I love this one especially heated.  Jeff would heat it on the stove and it actually has a silky texture to it, and it was just like biting into a crisp apple.

Finally and not a promotion or anything but I love Amazon and what I can buy, and have delivered.  I needed egg cartons, at the local farm supply it is $5.00 for 10 cartons, looking on Craigslist....sometimes it makes me wonder what those people were smoking when they posted their adds  .  Instead of running to multiple stores to locate an item, many times it is cheaper to find it on Amazon.  I still go to my local feed store, grocery store, hardware store, but they can only carry so much.  

Now head over to LeeAnna's for the other people that post their Likes on Thursday too!


  1. Thats a lotta egg cartons....and eggs. Those flashlights are interesting.and apple cider mixed with oj and pineapple juice and spices heated up....oh my! One of my go to fall drinks

  2. I've been busy and reading blogs has taken a backseat, too. When I woke up this morning I was in a funk and decided I needed my bloggy friends. You make me smile so I started with you. That is a heck of a lot of egg cartons! Your girls must be very busy layers. Amazon is so much easier than hitting two or three stores trying to find something. I still support the stores, bank will verify that! LOL

  3. Hi Colette! What great loves this week. I wish I could send you my egg cartons. I hate to recycle them when I know people can use them. Darn it! And rechargeable flashlights are a fabulous idea. You know every time you need one, either the battery is dead OR so weak you can't see anything with it. Oh and the flashing clocks. Drives me nuts - I would have to reset them but how annoying to Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. One of the things I like about these blogs is seeing how other people spend their day. I can't imagine gathering 5 cartons of eggs. Do they last a long time? I'm a city gal, so I take my groceries for granted. I seldom have time to read a lot of blogs, so Lee Anna's sight gives me a quick list of blogs I like. yours is one. FYI-sometimes I have difficulty with my "likes" list too because I've been so busy! Enjoy your day! mary

  5. Busy is a good thing really I think. I love rechargeable anything; batteries add up. I keep a giant rechargeable flashlight by my never know when you'll need it. My, you do have good layers. SIL finally found which of his four was not laying. They get enough from the other 3 to suit their egg needs.
    I love Amazon; they are doing such a good job of meeting people's needs in an efficient manner. If only governments could run countries like that.
    I use Apple Cider vinegar all the time, the organic one from Costco. I believe in the goodness of apples.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. great list of likes... yes rechargable. And you can't beat the availability and speed of Amazon, why sometimes I find things to get I didn't know I wanted!
    Does the food bin actually keep it smelling fresher? Milo's fairly large but the 20 lb bag still lasts a few weeks.
    Girl... I've had so much going wrong the last three weeks it was hard to scrape together likes lists too. I hear you! I am always happy when I make myself remember the things that were enjoyable.... after it's written that is.
    I appreciate you and your posts, and hope you continue to find time to show us a couple likes each week but as Jamie said in Outlander, "dinna fash yourself"

  7. We had food bins like that when we had our large dogs-used lots of food. I keep my egg cartons for neighbors who have chickens.

  8. wish I could send you mine but we just have a empty one like every two or three weeks

  9. I have a bag full of egg cartons (styrofoam) in the basement. I can't stand to throw them in the trash, but our recycling doesn't take them. I'd love to find someone who could use them. The egg lady at the farmer's market used to take them, but I retired and she moved away, so I have no outlet for them now. But how wonderful to have fresh eggs all the time.

  10. I know the busy feeling! I have that problem- I come to Thursday and don't have pictures of anything and everything I did just falls under the category of "life" and isn't super exciting. But glad you're still posting. Awesome you have so many tasty eggs, your egg carton stack makes me smile :)

  11. Those flashlights look really helpful especially if your power keeps going out! Looks like a great deal on egg cartons - you will get a lot of use out of them, too. I'm glad you posted today!

  12. A good flashlight is a thing of joy. Seriously. You've reminded me I need to bring back some empty egg cartons to the chickens I got them from! :-)

  13. Some great loves here! There are flashlight/torches all around here as well. Mark loves to have them all sorted and ready if we need them. That plus buckets. There is a bucket for every occassion according to him! That is an awesome stack of egg cartons!

  14. Flashlights, apple cider, and Amazon, all great things to like! I think I read yesterday or maybe today was actually national apple cider day. Hope you've had a great weekend so far.

  15. I can relate to being busy … I was going to try posting twice a week - once as normal and once as new host of Mosaic Monday. That lasted one week! Maybe after the holidays … I agree with you about Amazon - you can find anything at a reasonable price, including shipping!


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