Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sewing Smalls

I had a busy week.  What is it about when you don't work, you seem to be even busier than when you were working for a living?

I spent a couple of days working on quilt guild charity, prepping fabric, moving boxes getting ready for guild.   I know it sounds silly, but when I get to feeling down, working on the charity for guild seems to lift my spirits.  Nothing I was working on really appealed to me at the moment either, so doing busy work prepping for guild is fulfilling.

Guild decorates a tree every year at the museum and they wanted ornaments.  I was not really wanting to make them because I would have to find some Christmas fabric, but my friend sent me enough parts for the ornaments to make 3.

Once I had these done I thought I think I need a quick easy project.  Something to get my sew jo back.

I grabbed a pattern called Triangle Frenzy Swirl.

And fabric I had in my stash.  I can hear the gasps now---yes I used fabric in my stash! I read the pattern, started to sew it together and it just was not looking right.  I took it apart, so much for a quick and easy project.  But in the middle of the night it all of a sudden made sense. 

Lets just say that I sewed this together in less than 30 minutes after my late night epiphany.

A fun table runner with gorgeous poinsettias.  I just have to add batting, back and quilt. 

My next project was a gift for my secret sister at church.  I decided a fall basket was in order. 

I found the pattern  and tutorial at Freemotion by the River.  Aren't those little acorn buttons cute?  I quilted it with straight lines about 1/2 an inch a part, and every 4th line was a painter's tape width apart.    I filled it with some fun size Twixt and have it ready for gifting on Sunday.


  1. Love all your projects. I too need a mojo adjustment. Feeling overwhelmed of all I need to do.

  2. Nice ornaments--and lovely table runner...I am feeling the tide of the holiday "Rush" sweeping me up...this year i will be going to my daughter's for no big prep--she is a doll to have us for dinner...i have a hard time during these holidays...anyway--nice items you've made...hugs julierose

  3. Love your projects especially the table runner. I’m making cat mats to give to a local shelter just before Xmas.

  4. Just caught up on your posts. Some lovely blocks, great looking turkeys and sweet bag and table runner. You are busy. I didn't rake leaves this year; the heavy wind and rain we had for two days took care of a lot of them. I loved that pretty little moving picture you posted...such an evocative scene of fall and in my home province as well. Of course, I am trying to keep the garden ugly having read about how all this stuff is home or nourishment for little critters of one kind or another throughout the long cold winter we seem to be launching into early this year!

  5. Love those ornaments. You made me giggle when you said quick easy project and then I see that photo of a triangle frenzy tablerunner - which looked pretty complicated to me! When I want something easy I sew 5" sqaures together ha..ha... your tablerunner is next level! It looks so pretty. I am glad someone else thinks of things and has a eureka moment in the middle of the night! Your secret sister will love her handmade bag and choccies!!

  6. You are a sewing Machine, I tell ya! Pretty Fall and Christmas things :)

  7. That runner turned out so cute. Glad that you got that epiphany. I love those little buttons.

  8. Those are such cute ornaments and basket. I've been sewing a lot the last few months, but sometimes there's no "sew jo" in me. Ron says he can tell when I'm loving a project just by the way I act. So true!

  9. You have such great projects here. Great tablerunner!

  10. I taught those fabric ornaments at my little guild last year. I really need to finish all the ones I have cut out.


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