Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I Like Thursday #44

Welcome to my 44th posting of my I Like Thursdays. 

First of all I love vintage postcards.

Here is to everyone may they have a blessed Thanksgiving full of good food, family, and friends.

I love my clucky girls.  How can you not feel loved when this greets me when I walk out the door.

There is always one who has to be head and shoulders above the others.  But you can see they are all looking my way.

The area by the gate looks like a mosh pit.  But they are all waiting for me. 

I like the leaves left at the very tip top of the trees. 

I made a comment recently I wonder if leaves have a contest, to see who will be the last one clinging to the tree, especially when it is really windy.  They almost remind me of kids playing crack the whip.

I like finding treats that I forgot I had put away!

Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are awesome.  Oh and I have yet to break into the box. 

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving. I too like vintage postcards. And if you would like i can come over and help you break into that skinny cow box. Just

  2. Hppy Thanksgiving! Love seeing those vintage cards. As for finding treats in my house that I have hidden away? They get gobbled up when I find them!

  3. Happy thanksgiving day, Rheema--Love your vintage cards...awesome--hope you enjoy your Skinny cow Treats...hugs, Julierose (gobble gobble lol)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I love your chickens - they must be very entertaining. And your very fun thought about the last leaf on the tree - maybe they are having a contest!

  5. charming vintage cards... I love them too. And the chickens welcoming you in. Happy day my friend! Hi Bobbin!

  6. I love the thought that there is ice-cream biscuits somwhere in the world called skinny cow!! ha..ha... Those vintage cards are lovely. And you are right loving the mosh pit greeting you!

  7. I love skinny cow! I like your chickens and vintage cards. Pretty. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Those are such pretty postcards. We used to have chickens and thoroughly enjoyed them. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. I often look at these pages of vintage postcards with such feelings of nostalgia. I must really be old to have those feelings. I see Skinny Cow products in the stores but have never tried them. I am tempted so you say they are good.
    A bunch of leaves were clinging to the top of a tree by the pond and I went back to my house to get binnoculars and camera thinking it was a large bird of some sort. No, just leaves clinging on still for dear life.


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