Wednesday, April 3, 2019

I Like Thursday #58

Ever have nothing to say about anything? Not that there is nothing I like.  I just don't have much to say, or the things I really wished I could have got pics of I didn't get the opportunity.

There is a new member to the farm.  Her name is Dolly and she is a teacup pig.

I will say that Bobbin is not a fan of Miss Dolly.  Luckily for Bobbin the pig lives next door, she is a house pig.  She is potty pad trained.

Remember how when we were traveling that Bobbin would just plop in other dog's beds?

Well Dolly did that to Bobbin--in Bobbin's bed!  Oh no!  Bobbin was definitely not amused.

I have a confused Christmas cactus that I struggled to keep alive. Suddenly it is blooming, and so is the poinsettia.

I discovered that my plants do awesome on the sun porch if I remember to water them.

I finally figured out the last time I got a new flock of Buff Orpingtons.  They were new in 2016, which means that my flock has 3 year olds, and the Silver Laced Wyandottes are 1 year old.  I decided I would go back to the Buff Orpingtons.  Meet the 2019 girls.

 Here in this picture they are 1 day old.  They arrive in the mail, and I pick them up at the post office.  We had a few cases of pasty butt the other day, which meant chicks in the kitchen sink to clean up their bums.  But all are doing better now, and they are getting tail feathers, and wing feathers already.  They are so cute.

I love old stoves, things that we take for granted, always wanting newer, modern, more features, but it is funny that in many ways these were so much better.  This one was at the European market that I like to shop.

Finally I am always taken aback when things just appear on my farm out of nowhere.  The newest item?

A bicycle type planter.  I think the kids may have found it when they were doing clean ups on abandoned properties. 

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  1. Dolly is so cute. Your flowers sound confused but they are pretty.

  2. I have never heard of a teacup pig!! What a cutie!!

  3. Your chicks are so cute! Bobbin and Dolly crack me up! Enjoy! Have a great day!

  4. Oh that pretty Christmas Cactus- I tried to have one and it wouldn't bloom so I gave it to my daughter and it's blooming beautifully!Just so you know- I too struggle some weeks to provide a post of "likes"-mostly because I forget to make notes before the deadline to post. Those are sweet chicks but sound like a lot of work. Love that bicycle planter. What a fun post. mary

  5. omg a teacup pig in the bed!!! I want to see her. I love to feel a pig snout press on my hand...little chicks...did you see the video about wicking tubs vege gardening that grammasquilting showed? Awesome, I'm gonna do it!

  6. Pondering the idea of chicks arriving through the mail. Do you plan to go ahead and plant something in the bicycle planter? It's really cute! Enjoyed reading your post. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

  7. Good Afternoon! I would not mind that bicycle planter popping up in my yard. Miss Dolly is so cute, as are the chicks. I can see why Bobbin might have a pig problem. Beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing on I Like Thursday ... :) Pat

  8. I can see why Dolly was insulted when that cuties just took over her bed!! Now she'll have to rub her own scent all over it again lol
    Hugs, julierose

  9. A teacup pig! Who knew there was such a thing. I'm with Bobbin, that would be strange however cute.
    Blooms indoors are so nice but not as nice as those adorable chicks...looks like Easter to me. This turned out to be a great post!

  10. A teacup pig. Not much bacon on that gal. Need bacon to go with those chicken eggs.


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