Monday, April 22, 2019

And the Point Is?

I know I left a teaser that I had been doing some other things too.

I started this quilt back in July of 2018 while traveling.  It was a kit from Craftsy.  You can see the post about it here where I started, and here where it was in progress.  Finally I made a block.  Then just a couple of more and I stalled.

These blocks had lots of points, needed a ginormous amount of pinning to match the seams, and the pressing was exacting. During the past few weeks I finished the 32 blocks and set them aside and began working on the alternate blocks.  I needed to make only 31 of the alternate blocks and it only had 8 points to match!  

I finally finished all of the alternate blocks while charity sewing I would alternate charity block or two, one or two my own.

Before I put my quilt together I decided to get the borders made, and I sewed, sewed, and sewed one evening and when I looked at the clock it was after 9 pm.  

I need to match a bunch more points for borders and more pressing, and they will be done.  I put some of the blocks on the design wall and played with the shading since all the fabrics except the backgrounds were ombres. It really didn't make much of a difference.

The quilt is called Color Crystals.  I even shot a pic in black and white, the colors just flow across the blocks with lights, mediums and darks.

I needed to share the fun basket that I received from Dawn and Jacky recently.  Obviously it was a for the birds basket.  Gummy worms, a duck that Bobbin promptly stole, a birdhouse kit, eggs, a hummingbird feeder.

 And a chicken pincushion! 
Such a fun basket that made me laugh.  Thank you ladies.

I have also made some fabric acquisitions.  I know I am hanging my head in shame.

Some more Bonnie and Camille to add to my hoard.

I have been eyeing the Corey Yoder fabrics and made the plunge and purchased some.

And  a little Flower Sugar by Lecien.

I also purchased a MacKenna Ryan kit, and a pattern while it was on sale.

And a pattern, who can resist these sweet bears.

I purchased an Easter Egg kit from a shop, it didn't get sent until Maundy Thursday and arrived on Saturday, too late for Easter this year.

Yep woolies, and embroidery!

One of the ladies at guild and I had been talking about doing the quiltworx pattern called Poinsettia.  She struggles picking fabrics so she saw a kit, and I told her I would do it along with her, and we ordered the kit from Granny Sassy's Designs in Washington. 
Finally my big Ta Da Finish!

The Vintage Rose quilt that I started after Jeff died.  I don't have any quilt holders and it is pretty big, the ground is muddy, so layout on the deck it is. 

I actually paid to have it custom quilted and got it back from the quilter when I was in Oregon in February.
The quilter's name is Lynda Wadley and she did an awesome job.

I started with a focus fabric and built around it, and was so thrilled when I found some on sale for $7 a yard, so I purchased enough for the back of this quilt.

A special quilt needs a special label also.   I embroidered it, and put it in the corner.

My point is that I have been sewing lots of things with points, and points that need to be matching, and while it doesn't seem like I get much done to me, I have accomplished a lot!


  1. Your Vintage Rose quilt is jaw dropping GORGEOUS!!! *speechless*

  2. Oh My Goodness! That last quilt is WONDERFUL!!!! I like the top quilt, that you've been working on. Slow and steady wins the (quilt) race. None of those things are speedy.

  3. Oh my stinking gosh, that last quilt is out of this world AMAZING!! Love love love it! Can't wait to see the first quilt finished and love all your goodies

  4. Just absolutely amazing quilts!! Beautiful works, Colette...beautiful piecing and quilting...hugs, Julierose

  5. I don't know why I am not getting your posts anymore. Today I got a big list of multiple ones. I LOVE that Rose quilt. That is truly a masterpiece.

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