Thursday, April 4, 2019

Seriously I Have Been Doing Something Sewing Related

I haven't posted for a very long time.  So here is a quick catch up.  I have been doing some sewing honestly!

BOM from the LQS

Amish with a twist

This next one is called Kaleidoscope.  I am having challenges with this one.  When you get your block for the month you get a roll of fabric, and there is just enough to make your block.  Misread your pattern, or cut wrong and you are out of luck, because they had more people sign up than they were expecting there is no extra fabric.  Um lets just say that I have had 2 months that I have cut wrong and been on a search for matching fabrics.

This months block I cut this color wrong, the strips laying across the pile of green batiks.  So I had to go shopping and I chose online and several shops that specialize in batiks for my spree. 

 These are all from Batiks Plus which is out of Missouri.  I love that if you order a yard you get 40 inches, if you order 1/2 a yard you get 20 inches.  I also like that they always label the fabrics so you know which colors they are.
The above picture is what I ordered from Batiks Etcetera &Sew What Fabrics.  

I ordered 12 different fabrics and none of them are quite right.  I was told that it maybe an Anthology Batik and so may be hard to match because they know the line, it was created for Jacqueline De Jong, and they have noticed that the colors are drastically different between runs and the one they had in their store was more blues in it. Urgh!

At the Tuesday guild we are doing a bag lady quilt. My block with my fabrics.

The January bag I received.

Each of these blocks belong to a different lady and her fabric pull.

We are also doing some HST blocks.  But I have been working on my quilt math so I am doing flying geese, square in a square.  I broke into my stash of Bonnie and Camille to make these.

January I hadn't figure out how big the square in a square was yet.  But if you did a square in a square for the center, 4 flying geese, and 4 HST units it would be just as easy.
February I figured out how to do the flying geese instead and my block turned out the right size!
March.  This time I did use the square in a square, flying geese and HST.

I have also been fixing guild quilts that someone turned in and they are way too small.  So I am digging through the boxes trying to find fabrics that will work together and make odd sized quilts fit at least 36 X 60.

This one I added some muslin borders, and then found some fabric to make flying geese and then a floral border.

I have also been working on a label and binding for my quilt I brought back from the quilter in Oregon.  Maybe I will get that done this week.


  1. My shop is doing Amish with a Twist, too. If you need fabric, give me a yell and I will see if I can help. =) Love your Friendship Stars!! That block is one of my favorite quilts I had my Bee Sisters make for me. =D

  2. You have been busy sewing away there! Lovely blocks--I hate when I run out of fabric for a kit (or, more likely, cut it wrong!!). I used to do kits in another, younger life--now I just do scrappy stuff--and that takes care of that for me!! hahaha..No kidding though it can be so frustrating...
    Hugs, Julierose good luck on your search...

  3. You have been busy! I think your Amish blocks are great. I also love those Friendship Stars with the heart in the center - they'll make a fun quilt!

  4. great change to the friendship star, you have sewed more than you thought

  5. Love your Amish with a twist. So fun. You have been a busy girl for sure.

  6. Lots of fun blocks. I don't like the BOM's where they supply the fabrics, since I like to pre-wash my fabrics, and they seldom give you enough to cover the shrinkage.

  7. Oh my goodness-you've been sewing up a storm. I don't do BOM's-I'm too much of a rebel I guess. I like choosing out of my stash and don't like deadlines since I retired. HeeHee But, your blocks are so cool. Especially the purple one. I have also realized no two batiks seem to be alike in color-guess that's from the process used. Your generosity of finishing guild quilts is cool too.

  8. Woo! You have been busy in the sewing room! I really love your Amish With a Twist blocks. I hope you find the fabric you need. That’s too bad they sent such a small amount.


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