Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Squaring Up

I have been doing some sewing, really truly, but it sure does not feel like it. 

The Bee Block chosen for the month was called Hidden Gems.  The Queen had specific directions for each section.  Love the look of this block, but oh my there is a lot of prep!

Lot of black on white prints and white on black prints and just a hint of blue. 

Today was charity sew day at church.  I had 2 quilts that I had brought home a couple of months ago to finish.  I finished those yesterday, one just would not go together right no matter what.  URGH!  I made one more today.  So 2 full size quilts, and a baby quilt down.  I always forget to take pictures.

Since I was traveling I decided it would be easiest to grab a kit to take with me.  I bought the kit from Craftsy when they were having a sale.   While at my mothers I made a lot of HST.  This is what I have so far.

 There is light at the end of the HST tunnel.  I have 100 trimmed and squared and roughly another 250 left to go.  
I sat and calculated and this quilt has roughly 1,200 HST which doesn't seem like a lot, until you begin to trim them and square them up.
While trimming I have also been squaring up and trimming a lot of bonus triangles that I have gathered up sitting all over my house. 

This is my shoe box of  1 1/2 inch HST.  I have a ziploc baggie of these sitting around somewhere too. 

During all of this I got my window A/C out of my bedroom, thwarted the Japanese Beetle Invasion of 2018 when I removed it from my bedroom window.  Not including the stink bugs, and earwigs that came along with it.  Cleaned up the sitting room and the master bedroom where most of my sewing stuff landed when the Ancient Ones moved in. 

I have been drooling over some blogs that make these beautiful blocks using color crayons and embroidery.  Since I have not really been in a holiday mood for a while I thought it may be fun to buy some Halloween patterns. 

I also have a pattern that I think will translate that I purchased a couple of years ago from another blogger.  I can't wait to try the new "to me" technique. 

Also at the quilt show I saw a quilt I had to make.  I went on hunt and found the pattern.

It is made from just 2 fabrics.  I keep thinking about how I want to do it.  But nothing new until something is finished at least to a flimsy, and I have my Christmas sewing done. 


  1. Your bee block is cool. Coloring and quilting? Love both. and a bargello quilt. Always wanted to make one. Too bad we live so far away.

  2. That Bee block is certainly a challenge--WHOA NELLIE!! and all that trimming--you have been busy for sure...
    I love the coloring for quilting--I did a stencilled pillow and outline quilted it for my Mom many years ago..
    Looking forward to seeing the Halloween pieces come to life (I am not much in the mood for Halloween either!) hugs, Julierose

  3. Lots of fun projects in your life :) The blue and black blocks look pretty. I have one of those coloring patterns from that designer but it's a Christmas theme.

  4. Triangulations makes those HST's much easier. No trimming each HST. Stitch, cut and pull the papers off. I just made a bunch for churn dash blocks.

  5. That looks like heaps of prep for that bee block. Wow! Happy HST trimming! I look forward to seeing those colouring in patterns when you get round to them

  6. That bee block does look like a challenge. I have that two fabric pattern too and hope to someday make it.


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