Tuesday, October 2, 2018


I spent a lot of time waiting this summer.  Maybe it was a good thing.  Waiting on headstones, waiting on mother nature and the aftermath, waiting on people.  I slowed down, enjoyed the sun, family, the flowers and remembered to just breath.

While at my mom's I taught her how to make the super cute wallets. 

 Asian themed with a dragonfly, and moda grunge.
 Butterflies.  I actually made 2 of these!
Another attempt at a wallet using the Tula Pink Chipper with the fox.  This one turned out awesome. 

I have some more in progress I need to finish them up. 

I was finally had arrangements for Jeff's headstone to be set on 9/11, a couple of weeks later than I was hoping for.  So my parents and I headed back to Northern California, we were going to stay the night with a cousin.  Unfortunately we got caught and detoured because of the Delta Fire here is a link to what it was like just a couple of miles where we were stopped, sent back north and detoured about 100 miles.

We finally arrived at our first stop....Hazel's house.  I will just say Hazel is amazing.  I was gifted a knitting machine, boxes of books, accessories, and a barrel of yarn.  Hazel and my mom wrote an article together for the county historical society a few years back.  But not only is she a writer, she is an artist.  She had watercolors, but her favorite medium appeared to be oil paints.

A Bull elk in the Marble Mountain wilderness.  Hazel would pack in on a mule team during the summer. 

Assorted portraits of family members.

This house was her husband's family home she painted it shortly before it was torn destroyed. 

Like any true artist her yard is fabulous too. 

 A bottlebrush tree. 
 Standing stones
 Mock orange
 A red dotted rock.  I really wanted this rock. 
A teepee, which is funny because our tribe didn't use them.  But her husband wanted to make one and so he learned how to do it and, and erected it. 

Of course it was great being in an enclosed yard, Bobbin spent time playing with Andy the dog, and running, and exploring. 

Bobbin just made herself at home.  She appropriated toys, and Andy's bed too!  Hey we are family right? 

Here is an example of how bad the smoke was from the Delta Fire.  Poor Hazel lives in Shasta City, and had been evacuated earlier in the summer due to the Carr Fire which destroyed a huge swathe of Redding, California.  The smoke has been heavy all summer long.  After spending the day with Hazel we headed toward my familial homeland.  


  1. Hazel is very talented. Scary trip with those fires.glad you are safe and sound

  2. What an artist Hazel is! Amazing works...You had a refreshing journey, I think. Glad you were able to avoid those fire areas--must have been so scarey for you all...hugs, Julierose

  3. hope they get lots and lots of rain. her paintings are great

  4. Beautiful paintings. Bobbin is a character, just makes herself at home wherever she goes.

  5. She really is a true artist. He paintings are just gorgeous. I really like your wallets too.

  6. Those paintings of Hazels are amazing. And how wonderful to have those portraits of family members and the old house - priceless memories! Glad to see Bobbin just move on in to the cousin dogs bed!

  7. The photos of those paintings are definitely treasures. They are amazing! That little Bobbin is so cute!


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