Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I Like Thursday #38

Welcome to week #38 of my I Like Posts.

I like when you have a goal to work toward, and you finally reach it.  In my case the Guild Quilt Show.  No I didn't get my quilts done and entered, but I survived the show!

I love coffee, and saw this brand advertised so I purchased their sampler pack.

While I was on vacation everyone had K-cup machines, and my taste for coffee has turned to a very strong coffee.  I liked this one.  I have some others that I can't wait to try, but on a day I am not running and can savor the cup.

I like this fungus that is growing on a stump outside of my house.

They remind me of flowers.  They are even in the lawn!  Maybe because it has been a very wet winter.

I like traveling, but I like coming home even to the pile of mail.

I sorted through all of the mail, the garbage bin was the recipient of most of it. 

Bobbin likes being home too! 

Can you tell she was happy to be home?  She was only a blur.  Bobbin is going to go to obedience training at the end of November.  While I love her to death, she does not mind (at least she isn't yappy!)  We went to the consultation with the trainer, he could not believe how busy she was.  The description of Bobbin was a crack addict that just sniffed a line of cocaine, and drank 5 red bulls.  But in 1/2 an hour time he could get her to slow down, sit, and I too was trained.  She is much better, but is in desperate need of additional training. 

I like that the ugly white shag carpet is gone from the sick room/downstairs bedroom!  

Yes the hardwoods need to eventually be refinished, but they aren't in bad shape, just need some love. 

I like that I have a nifty brad nailer to put up trim, baseboard, moldings, and even figured out how to make the compressor work.

Finally while I was at my mothers I read a lot of books.  I like the Loose Threads series of books by Arlene Sachitano.  I now have read all of them and can't wait for the next.

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  1. Great likes! Wowsa that is a big pile of mail! Glad you had a great trip and glad you are home safe! Have a great week!

  2. That fungus is so cool! It would make a great quilt! I'm interested that you're taking Bobbin to obedience training. I took one of my old dogs to obedience training (with good results), and I've been thinking about taking Blue. He's so big and bouncy, a little bit of training would be really beneficial I think. Unfortunately the place I went before is all the way on the other side of the city which isn't tenable under my current circumstances so I have to find some place closer. Good luck with Bobbin!

  3. that bobbin description had me laughing! Send the trainer over here when you're done. I put that book series on my to read list, thanks. Coming home is good, sorting through stuff, getting back in. The floors are really in good shape, and the fungus is fascinating.

  4. I like Bobbins energy and the fact that you are home. Lots of good things to like.

  5. I always hate that pile of mail when we return. Like you, so much of it goes into the trash or recycle bin.

    Sometimes I wonder if it is us or them that get trained. lol

  6. Had a good laugh at Bobbin’s description 😂😂😂😂. The fungus look very interesting. Good luck with the training, I’m sure Bobbin will be a star pupil. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Neat mushrooms. Beautiful quilts! Yay for training - I hope it continues to go well!

  8. I like coming home after a trip, too - and we also laugh that most of the mail ends up in the recycle bin! I hope cute little Bobbin does well with her obedience training!

  9. Those fungi are so cool. The quilts at the show look great. The trainers description of Bobbin is so funny! It is great that you and her are getting training. It'll be good for her

  10. I loved all 6 quilt show posts. We had a dog in desperate need of training, but, at that time (2 little ones at home and working part time) I just didn't have the time to get him trained. We gave him to a preteen who was moving to the country, and had asked for a dog to train. Perfect for everyone. I know Bobbin will learn, but, you have to do your part, too (sometimes that is the hardest part).


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