Wednesday, October 31, 2018

I Like Thursday #41

Welcome to my I like Thursday.  I can't believe the week went by so fast.

I liked this book called The Sewing Machine by Natalie Fergie.   It was a very good book and it all started at the Kilbowie factory in Clydebank, Scotland. 

I enjoyed the story and how it all wove together.

I don't go out and about much other than to just run my errands.  I saw these at the feed store.

A neat turkey yard ornament.

A rooster.  There were several chickens too.  But I liked the rooster.

A fun painting of a cow on a mini barn door.

I had to wander to JAF to get flannel to repair a gentleman's quilt he brought to the show.  I was delighted to see the Christmas decorations out.

A sewing machine.  Next too a ball of yarn and knitting needles.

I thought this flamingo was awesome.  She is wearing flip flops, has a hula skirt, and a fun blue bikini top!

Love the Christmas boxes with the red trucks.

A fun holiday pillow with a red truck and a dog!

A large metal truck bringing home the tree. 

This building always makes me smile.  It was a radio station at one time.  There are still radio towers, but it sits in the middle of a huge fenced in area.

It is Art Deco I love the colors in the front. 

Finally fall is here, and I enjoyed watching the wooly worm crawl around the stump.

I also had another visitor but I didn't get a pictures or anything.  But imagine my surprise when I read that they can cause an allergic reaction.

They are called a Hickory Tussock Caterpillar and I guess they can cause itching and an allergic reaction if touched. 

Now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color and check out the other I like posts. 


  1. The wooly bear caterpillars are on the move here too. I love spying them. How exotic your other little guy looks. I esp. love that metal truck with the tree. Hope your week is going well!

  2. Oh my those red trucks! Love em.I have not seen a wooly caterpillar yet. Neat chicken yard decorations. I too am loving Christmas in the stores. I am one of THOSE who dont mind singing fa la la la laaa year round.

  3. I truly enjoyed your post and going out and about with you.


  4. I just love that flamingo ornament--I am going to go ornament shopping tomorrow--I need little ones for my tabletop tree...I love looking at Christmas stuff in JoAnne's--they have a great selection most years...
    It is warm today for Nov. 1--58 degrees at 6 am--yikes..snow where art thou? Not here I guess...
    Off to begin tying Ojos--finally!! hugs for a great weekend Julierose

  5. Not sure I'm ready to start thinking Christmas quite yet but glad it makes you smile my friend.

  6. What a great post. I'm trying not to look at Christmas stuff yet but those red trucks and that flamingo! So cute.

  7. Hi Colette! Interesting likes today - that rooster and cow face are cool. I'm not much into bugs, but had no idea just touching that one could be so serious. Geez! Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. I loved those turkey and rooster yard ornaments! Looks like you were in a really fun spot! Thanks for the book recommendation, too.

  9. that last picture is a keeper... it would be a winner in a competition. I love love ornaments, of course the cow! And those cutest trucks! Oh yes, the art deco building is so cool, have you been inside???

  10. That building is really neat. Interesting caterpillars, we have the tussocks around here but with different coloring, I think. It's so fun to look at all the Christmas decorations coming out in the stores.

  11. I love Art Deco designs. What a beautiful building to view. I call them wooly worms too, but that's because I can't pronounce the word "caterpillars"

  12. What fun finds. The rooster and the cow are my favorites. That flamingo is too much! lol Pretty caterpillars.

  13. Great to see the fun decorations!

  14. That book looks interesting. I'd not heard of it before.


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