Monday, October 1, 2018

5th Annual Hanging Out by the River Quilt Show

Yes I am back!  Actually I arrived home a week ago Sunday at about 3 am in the morning.  I have been attempting to get life back to normal after the epic summer road trip that Bobbin and  I experienced. Not often are we as a society in an area where there is limited cell service, or internet access.  I will say it was a bit refreshing, but I missed reading blogs and seeing quilty things. 

Leave it to me to find a quilt show to attend.  By the River Quilt Guild which is located in Orleans, California and has members that travel some pretty crazy roads for their guild meetings, had their 5th annual Hanging by the River Quilt show in Willow Creek, California on September 15.  Quilts were hung from the storefronts along Hwy 299.

None of the quilts had signage, but there were lovely people all over talking about their guild, doing handwork, and hand quilting. 

 I liked this quilt, perhaps because of the motorcycle fabric, and the simple design.
A lovely Christmasy feeling quilt.
 I liked the setting of these blocks.  The colors remind me of what was popular when I was in my 20's.
 When I first looked at this quilt I thought that someone had fussy cut these ducks.  Then I realized that it was 9 patches, of blue and yellow alternating with the duck fabric.  In person the colors really blended.  I loved seeing how that cute duck fabric was used.
 A cute child's quilt made with panels that had a title of monkeying around. 
 I loved the colors in this quilt. 
 Another cute kids quilt.
 This was actually a chenille quilt.
 A one block wonder.
 Super cute twister quilt made from what looked like 20's or 30's retro fabric
 The quilt played off the focal fabric.  There was a cute table runner hanging next to it.
 Loved this red and white quilt.
 When I first looked at this quilt I thought it was a New York Beauty.  But then took a longer look, at the cats playing with yarn balls.
 A Stained glass looking quilt
 I liked how the used ribbon in this quilt to set off the tan blocks.
 A Halloween Quilt.
 An attic window with fabrics of the Pacific Coast.  Love the otter!
 This was one of my favorites, especially since the salmon were running in the nearby river.
 The turtle fabric in this quilt was so awesome.  What a great pattern to set it off. 
Finally this quilt with the turquoise and purple was fun. 

It was fun to talk to the quilters, many of them hand quilt.  There was a booth that they had quilts, table runners and other hand made items for sale.  I had a great time visiting, and was amazed to speak to an older woman who had been in the forestry service, staring in Alaska, and eventually transferring to California.  She is now retired and living in Fresno, but she had to return for the quilt show.  What was really awesome though was she knew my grandmother, as did many of the quilters, even though my grandmother was not a quilter. 

I have a busy week ahead.  A guild quilt show, and getting a pool winterized, and hopefully writing some posts of Bobbin and my adventures.


  1. So glad to hear you are back safe and sound...
    Lovely quilts--nice to see quilts that "look" like quilts in this show...thanks for sharing...hugs, Julierose

  2. Welcome back and I’m looking forward to posts about you and Bobbin’s travels.

  3. So glad that you are back safe and sound. It has been a busy travel period for you.

  4. Fancy finding someone who knew your Grandmother at a quilt show you stopped at on the road!. Love that one of the cats chasing the balls of wool. Thanks for sharing the lovely quilts. Looking forward to photo's of you and Bobbin and your big trip!

  5. Cool to meet people who knew your grandmother. And, since you ARE a quilter, you all spoke the same language.


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