Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I Like Thursday #102

Welcome to my 102nd I Like Thursday post.  Thank you LeeAnna for encouraging us to find things to like during the week to share.

OK Truth be told it has been a really tough week.  I have been working a lot more than normal.  The stress and fear you can feel radiating off of people, and it is emotionally, as well as physically exhausting and draining.  The State of Michigan has a shelter in place order finally.  It is amazing the difference since Monday.  My road which is usually crazy busy is fairly quiet.  I don't hear the roar of the planes taking off and landing constantly.  Even the grocery store is pretty quiet after the first couple of hours.  We are currently closing at 10 pm nightly, and don't open until 7 am so we have a chance to stock the shelves.

I like that we finally had a beautiful day, I got to enjoy about 1 hour of it after work.  But you gotta love 52 degrees.  The kittens, and Bobbin had an awesome time outside running and playing.  I did wear a jacket and sat out, visited with my grand kids, and daughter while maintaining social distancing.  :D

I saw this young man playing the piano and just had to share.  

I saw this article about art installations in the Tampa International Terminal.  Check it out it will make you smile.
Tampa International Airport

Have you ran out of something and kind of felt uncomfortable buying now?  Somehow I ran out of hand soap.  While wandering the stores I spied these cute hand towels.

 I loved this fuzzy chick.

The cat silhouette.

The Bee Attitudes.

House Rules.

I am thankful for mail.  I have been trying to do a little shopping at small online stores for fabric, patterns, etc.  It is also cheering to get some fun packages.

My book for the week was the 5th Veronica Speedwell installment by Deanna  Raybourn--A Murderous Relation.

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  1. Those hand towels are adorable! I had run out of some one-off supplies things you just use up, like corn meal, but couldn't find any at the store. I cannot imagine what people are doing hoarding corn meal. Next time I'll go in the morning, but I have lots of food in my freezer and I'm trying to avoid going at all....

  2. Hi Colette! Did you find some hand soap after all those treasures you found in the store? I'm sorry you are having to work so many extra hours. Are you still in the bakery? I hope people are staying at home more. We have a stay-home order in place until April 24th. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Hi Colette! Thanks for the book recommendation; I'm going to start making a list. One thing I miss through all this is not being able to go wander through a store, just window shopping. Guess I'll have to wander outdoors and window shop nature!

  4. Oh my goodness - the little guy playing the piano is amazing! Thanks for sharing that one! Those towels you saw are so cute. Hope you found what you needed. It's odd what seems to be missing from some stores. I hope that gets better, since none of us want to go to multiple stores searching for things! Take care, Colette!

  5. Cute towels. I went the other day to WalMart because i needed to pick up scrips. As I looked around for things I needed I got looks like how dare you shop. I figured while I was out one stop shopping. Those same people in line invaded my 6 foot wide berth. We cant be judging others all the time according to what we would do. I politely reminded them of the 6 foot rule and came home with my monthly purchase which is how I normally shop.its a very different scary cold world these days.

  6. Thanks for sharing these things today. You really can feel the stress and fear off folks. It's like everyone has a "frozen" look on their faces. Fear of the unknown, I suppose. I'm glad you are staying healthy. Those towels are amazingly cute. Enjoy your day.💙🎶

  7. It's so scary out there! Even at the hospital, the whole atmosphere has changed. We're all waiting for the other shoe to drop. I love the fuzzy chick towel! Please be careful and stay safe and healthy!

  8. Yes, I am grateful for the good weather, too. Not the time to be running out of certain things (I discovered that I'm low on flour. Eek!). I am very grateful for the mail as well! Please may that not shut down any time soon.

  9. Way too many cars going back and forth still, around here, despite the shelter in place order. I'm one of those going back and forth (still working). Stay safe.


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