Friday, April 3, 2020

Finding Treasures

Remember my bag of M & M's I shared the other day.  Well not physically shared, but the saying?

The reason it has seemed like it was so long?  Our department is short staffed normally with 10 people.  All the millennials decided to take the option to take time off because they are afraid.  Which leaves 3 people including me.  So we are scrambling to cover 17 hours of business per day, yet still have days off. 

My days off were Thursday and Friday.  I will admit Thursday I slept in, napped off and on and enjoyed the sunshine with the dog and cats.

Girl cat after scratching through my dead plants.

Boy cat enjoying the sunshine.  He has a perfect necklace going around his neck.  I go outside and here they come.  I made the mistake of turning away from them for a moment, turned back and they were drinking my coffee. 

Bobbin and Girl Cat enjoying the rays. 

Boy cat stalking the boys on the trampoline.  I sat and watched this crew for quite a while on Thursday.  The boys were playing gaga ball on the trampoline.  Boy cat went and laid down underneath the whole time they were playing.  As the boys were coming off the trampoline he attacked.  According to Finn he tried to kill them.  I told them he was hunting and they were his prey for the moment. 

While Lucy cannot go outside during downtime Lucy and Bobbin have started to share space. 

Seems strange, but as of late Lucy stays quite near me whether I am in the living room, sewing, kitchen. 

Thursday I cleaned up my patterns and got them organized.  I did go looking for supplies to make face masks.  I know I have a shoebox full of elastic and zippers somewhere in my sewing stuff. I braved the upstairs sewing room which is actually terrifying with stuff just piled.  I go through occasionally and spend 15 minutes picking up, but it doesn't seem to make a dent. 

As I was searching I found an old cookie tin.  I remembered the great aunt giving it to me. 

It had been her mother's (Jeff's great grandmother), and while there were a few things which were newer there were some awesome old things too.

This gorgeous needle card.

With some needles still.

A darning egg.  Lots of old buttons, but no 1/4 inch elastic.

I saw another shoebox which was old and opened it.

More buttons, some seam tape, a bit of 1/4 inch elastic, embroidery thread.  Someday I will need to go through and thoroughly inventory what is in each of these.

I managed to find 4 packages of 1/4 inch lingerie elastic.  I then decided to brave the attic.  I found some things that I forgot I had, and pulled them out.  I also found a huge stash of interfacing, but still no elastic.

I pulled some fabrics, man that was a tough one so many choices and then grabbed a face mask pattern and stopped.  I can't prewash my fabric, because I have no washing machine.  Mine has been broken for over a week.  I ordered and received the original part that was damaged, and started to put it back together only to find another part needed replacing too.  I ordered that part on the 30th and I have been waiting for 4 days for it to arrive.  By then I decided I was done for the day and enjoyed a nap, on the sun porch and read a book.

Friday I had a good start.  Shower, garbage out, chooks fed and watered, eggs washed, dishes done.  I was going to sew something.  But what?  I have a huge tub of Bonnie and Camille fabrics. I probably have enough to make at least 3 more quilts.  The tub is sitting there after making my last BOM for my Tuesday Sewing group which I shared last week.

I grabbed a pattern from River's Edge Antiques & Quilt Loft called the Quarantine Mystery Quilt Along.  I have been receiving the direction via e- mail almost daily and have been saving them off.  I grabbed day one and made 4 of these blocks.

Since I started something new I decided I should then work on a UFO.  I grabbed Kaleidoscope which was a LQS BOM  from last year. 

I had the December block to make. 

Ialso had 7 more alternate blocks to do and whipped them up in no time.

Now what is left on these is to sew the sashing and the cornerstones.  Before I do that though I need to draft a pattern for the alternate blocks I want to make for the Tuesday 2019 BOM.  I want this quilt to be larger so alternate blocks are necessary, and maybe sashing and cornerstones for these blocks too.

Once I do that I can pull these blocks off of the design wall and put the Kaleidoscope blocks up and play with the layout before I start sashing. 

Back to work I go tomorrow.  I was asked if I would be willing to work 6 days in a row.  I have been doing it for a few weeks now so I told them that will be fine.  Hopefully I will start to have a wee bit more energy because my schedule will remain the same for the next few weeks, and I can sew in the evenings a bit after my chores. 


  1. My goodness you make such challenging blocks,
    Rheema aka Colette ;)); they are just lovely--waaay beyond my abilities for sure...they are beautiful...

    I want to thank you for being "on the job" like you are to help people through this c-virus. You and your fellow workers are the unsung heroes for sure...I am sure your customers are very've earned a lot of "stars in your heavenly crown" these days ;))))

    Stay safe and healthy, waving ~ ~ ~ from far far away
    Julierose ;)))

  2. Yes, to echo Julierose,Thank You for continuing to show up and be there when needed. This on top of your regular chores at home. I'm amazed you have the energy to do anything else. One of our large grocery chain has closed their bakery departments, along with prepared foods and their in store cafes. Be well.

  3. I have you in my prayers my friend and I admire your service in this unreal time. I darted off to grocery yesterday morning for the first time since St Patrick's Day. I went right after the elderly hours and was feeling blessed that the store still seems to have lots of workers if not full shelves. I chatted with the cashier a bit but it is flinchy in the aisles trying to stay the prescribed distance apart. Normally I would help the guys find what they are looking for as lots seem to be new to the experience but I have noticed people really are keeping more to themselves.

  4. Your blocks are beautiful. Thank you for being there at work for folks. You are appreciated. Your cats and dog look happy to have you home. Stay healthy.🌻💙

  5. Your blocks are beautiful. Thank you for being there at work for folks. You are appreciated. Your cats and dog look happy to have you home. Stay healthy.🌻💙

  6. Stay safe and loved your post! That sewing tin is gorgeous! Hugs!

  7. Thank heavens for tins.... I hope this is over soon so you can get some rest. I am glad you did have a few days off. Stay safe and healthy. Love your quilt. I would not have gone in the attic....brave soul...haha

  8. Sorry about the washing machine. I hope it is fixed by now. My son strips every morning when he gets home, and washes everything he work to work. Stay safe.


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