Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I Like Thursday #107

Welcome to my 107th I Like Thursday post.

I rum across things at the store that make me smile.

I saw this cute salt and pepper shaker.  Did anyone in your family collect salt and pepper shakers?  My great grandmother did and I ended up with a bunch of them.  Over the years I have winnowed it down. I am sure cute salt and pepper shakers like these got people started.

With spring finally kind of settling in this llama riding a bicycle made me smile.

My pet peeve at work.  People deciding there is something they don't want and jettisoning it anywhere within the store.  I get ice cream, milk, veggies left in my department all the time.  This item left in the produce department made me smile.

Do you think jellybeans are organic?

This is an OPO squash which is related to a Calabash.  I had to go look it up, it is related to a gourd.  There are recipes throughout the internet on how to use it. 

As I state earlier spring has kind of arrived around here. 

The chives are taking off.  I am waiting for them to bloom so that I can harvest the flowers and make chive vinegar.

I am not a fan of daylilies, but when Jeff was alive we tried to transplant some alongside the ditch.  I noticed many of the people up and down our road have been planting them near or even into the ditch.

I smiled when I saw this thick green carpet of what I know are daylilies.  If they bloom before the county cuts the ditch remains to be seen.

I like the peach hand soap from Bath and Body Works and so I ordered some online.  Isn't this box cute!

What isn't to love about a blue gingham lined box?

I like these little furballs.

We did lose one kitten.  But these seem to be doing alright. 

I just love this little face.  Sometimes when I go out to feed their mama they hiss at me.  It is hilarious.

I read a couple of books this week, but the one I would recommend is Murder by the Book.  

Addie leaves her beloved Boston for a small New England town named after one of her ancestors.  Addie inherits Graybourne Manor a large house overlooking the harbor, full of antiques, and first edition books.  Addie decides to open a bookshop and things take a turn from bad to worse. 

Finally I will leave you with this video about a farmer allowing his chicken to free range throughout the woods.

Free Range Chickens in Italy

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  1. What? My jelly beans arent organic??? LOL great likes to make me smile too

  2. Those kittens look like a box of smiles!! We have a couple fruit trees that have started blooming, yes, I think Spring finally has arrived! Stay well my friend :)

  3. Well I haven’t ever heard of an Opo squash! I will look for them on our side of the river/lake whenever the day comes I can browse in a grocery store again... I’ve cut our chives a few times now. Awesome on baked potatoes, in salads etc. I’ve never heard of using the flowers to make learning new things so thank you!

  4. Kittens with attitude...too cute.
    That squash is brand new to me too. I'm glad you are well and doing fine with having to keep up working.
    We haven't been in a grocery store in over 7 weeks now. I am getting tired of my own cooking.

  5. You do find fun things in your store, but ice cream not put back in the freezer is just wasteful! So sorry you have to deal with that. Your kittens are so cute! I sure would enjoy cuddling them! That sounds like a good story - will have to look for it.

  6. Hi Colette! OH - that salt and pepper shaker!!! How cool is that. Sue's mom used to collect s/p shakers. I have a really funny story to share about that but won't bore you with it. She still has her collection - we haven't added to it in ages. I have to agree with your pet peeve about people leaving something anywhere they want - especially frozen or refrigerator items. Imagine ice cream left in your area for an hour!! Now it has to be thrown away - how inconsiderate and wasteful. Chives! Yes, I need to pick up plant or two - mine frozen out or something. Waaa. I didn't think anything could kill chives. Finally, a book about Addi . . . well, I had better check that out for sure. We love our Addi!! Take care, my friend. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. that box is cute, but that widdle hissing face! How brave! I collected s and P shakers, flamingo and cows.
    Lillies... our lily field in MD grew til we decided to clear it out. That was a fools errand as we couldn't kill them! We gave up and let them cover the earth with orange!

  8. I llove those llamas! The kittens are cute. And that free-range chicken farmer was really interesting. Thanks!

  9. My mom has a lot of salt and pepper shakers. I've bought her quite a few over the years! I never knew kittens could hiss! So fresh at such a young age! I've never heard of that squash. Spring still isn't here. It's been cold and wet. I'm hoping it shows up soon!!

  10. I just love that article about the Italian chicken farmer, sent it to my friend who kept chickens for years. Your kittens are adorable!!! Have a great week!

  11. The thing about salt and pepper shakers is they collect a lot of dust...a lot...don't ask me how I know. Always enjoy your Thursday post. I love daylilies and I hope you can see them bloom before they are mowed over.


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