Wednesday, April 22, 2020

I Like Thursday #106

Welcome to my 106th post of I Like Thursday. 

I like my new wire shelving unit I got for my sun room to put my plants on.  For the past 3 years there has been a bookcase headboard sitting there.  It was kind of icky looking, but served the purpose, and I couldn't get rid of it due to all the probate stuff.  But now, it is gone, some of my power tools are on the bottom shelf, and I made sure the shelf had trucks (heavy duty wheels) so it can move around.  

I like that I found a place to put my 2 bird houses that my sister bought for Jeff and I for Christmas one year. I cleaned them all up.  It is nice to see them someplace more prominent. 

I like this towel that I found at work and yes, I know non essential technically, but I bought it anyway.

Have any of you tried cold brew coffee?  It is what you use to make iced coffee drinks so it is a concentrate.  I about fainted when I looked at a bottle and it was $15!  My oldest daughter said it is nice to have a cold coffee drink sometimes but using regular coffee, and adding ice it gets kind of like drinking dishwater.  I saw a recipe for cold brew coffee using an InstaPot and the pressure cooker feature.  I had a White Russian Coffee by Bones Coffee company and my mind thought, "Oh the possibilities!"

Um yep I have 5 quarts of cold brew.  Haven't tried it yet, because of course today it was cold, wet, windy, and snowing.  But soon, and I will share my thoughts.  These babies are residing in my refrigerator until it warms up, soon I hope! 

I liked this tiny nest in a tree in the parking lot at work.

Just looking at the tree you can see how young it is, hardly any branches, so it gives you a good idea of the size of the nest.

Speaking of new life.  I have a kaboodle of kittens

My girl kitten had kittens.  Urgh!  I thought perhaps her brother was the father, but he was fixed 10 weeks ago, and the gestational period for cats is 9 weeks.  Yep someone dumped a cat, a male, we have spied him a few times lately.  Sigh!  I will have to catch him to take him to the feral cat clinic to be neutered, as well as the girl kitten and this bunch too, once the clinic opens back up.  Each of these kittens has been spoken for already.  LOL  So much for my feral barn cats.

My favorite read of the week is Basket Case by Nancy Haddock.   Nixy lives in Houston and works

  at a gallery.  Nixy has received several phone calls from a dectective of Lilyvale, Arkansas, where Nixy's aunt and only living relative Sherrie Mae lives. Eric Shoar, the detective insists that  Nixy takes a few days to come visit her Aunt Sherrie Mae.  Nixy arrives at the house to a folk art festival taking place on the grounds of the farm, and altercation at the house between Sherrie Mae and Jill Elsman a land developer.  Add a cast of characters that reside in the house....Maisie and her sister Aster, as well as 3 other room mates, and Nixy is going to have her hands full explaining to the sexy detective the reasons for the booms, smoke, and fire that is continuously occurring at the home.  When Jill Elsman AKA Hellspawn ends up dead in the family cemetery behind the house Nixy's Aunt Sherrie is under investigation.  I enjoyed the book and look forward to the next book in the series. 

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  1. Awwww i love your baby kitties so cute. I wonder who is taking residence in that tree.

  2. Your new shelf unit is great--I like that you can put plants on it too--i have very few plant windows in my house..your sunporch looks like a great spot for reading and stitching
    ~ ~ ~ waving under the rising sun--28 degrees tho'
    still brrr Julierose

  3. Great shelf unit for plants! Way to go! The kittens are adorable! Love your sunporch! Have a great day!

  4. Hi Colette! Aww, those little bitty kitties. They are so sweet and cute. That new shelf unit looks like it is useful but also it allows more light to stream in. Cold brew coffee - I know it's a whole thing but my warm brewed coffee gets cold just about every day. I used to make ice cubes with my leftover coffee - then I could add to my hot coffee to allow me to drink it sooner. I think that would also make cold brew easier without the watering down affect. I'll have to give Basket Case a try! Thanks for the title sharing. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. a cat-boodle of kittens! Great they are all spoken for, boo for dumping an un neutered male... grrr.... Your sunny new space is pretty and the birdhouses are too. Thanks for the book suggestion, you always lead us to good ones!

  6. That looks like a wonderful sunroom, and the perfect shelf for your plants, too. The kittens look adorable, and I'm so glad they are wanted! I scrolled down and looked at your sewing post - you have such pretty projects going on! I wanted to reach right in and grab a few to keep for myself! :)

  7. I love iced coffee in the summer. I just used coffee I've made in the morning and let it cool off. I've also used my Keurig. I love those bird houses. So detailed! I love the kittens. So adorable! Basket Case looks good! I'll add it to my list!

  8. Kittens! That will keep you entertained! Those shelves look great. How nice to have them wheels. My sister used to make cold brew coffee. She'd use it for quick coffee - water it down a little and nuke it.

  9. OOh, kittens. So adorable and you are a good carer to have the neutering taken care of.
    So many things to like in your post. And things I see that I need like that wonderful plant stand. I'm using chairs to line my plants in front of the window.
    Several of my friends have shared whipped cold coffee drinks that look delicious. I forget the name of that. This will be delicious when hot weather strikes.
    I hope you are staying safe at the work place!

  10. Just the names of the characters have me wanting to read the book. They all sound mischievous.
    I once worked with a guy who drank cola in the morning because it was a better taste than sipping cold coffee. That still cracks me up. :-) Take care.

  11. Cute kittens. Are you required to wear a mask at work? They just gave the order to my son's store this week.

  12. I can no longer have coffee bu miss my own cold brew! That’s a lot of kittens. I tried to place a hold on that book at my elibrary but there’s a problem. I’ll keep trying.

  13. I just enjoyed catching up on your blog. New kittens are so cute, love the Kaleidoscope quilt, Ron loves Cold Brew, and attacking cats. So much joy reading your posts!


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