Thursday, April 2, 2020

I Like Thursday #103

Welcome to my 103rd I Like Thursday post.

These are strange times and  I know with quarantines, shelter in place orders for many it is difficult to find things to be positive about.

The past couple of days I can hear the cardinals singing.  What a sound, while the world seems tilted mother nature continues on.

I like that there are less planes in the air.  While I live about 10 miles south of the airport there are lots of planes that travel overhead taking off and landing.  I heard a sound the other day which was unfamiliar, but strangely familiar.  I realized it was a plane, and then I realized that I had quickly became accustomed to the lack of noise, and that there was a lot less air traffic.

I like that the daffodils will open very soon.

I like these fun things I found at the store while cruising the aisles....not that I want to, but long story short.  We are not open 24/7 anymore so I have to park over on the SW  side of the building and enter through the garden center when I work early in the morning.  When I go to lunch I have to walk from the NE corner of the store, to the NW corner of the store, then all the way to the front of the store, and around the building to my car to move it to the employee parking lot in the SE corner which is closer to the area of the store I work.  

Peeps Cereal.  Now I am not a fan of The Lucky Charms, but these caught my attention. 

Maybe it was the bright colors, but also Jeff loved peeps, so they made me chuckle.

I saw some beautiful flowers on sale.

Looks like they may be yellow hyacinths. 

These gorgeous pansies.  I love their little faces.

I have no clue what these are, but they were inside in the houseplants. 

There is an old building in Flat Rock which is a wee bit North of me and they recently have started to remodel it.

I don't know if you can tell but the showroom has classic cars in it!  Definitely makes me smile. 

I am currently reading The Northwest Murders by Elizabeth Atwood Taylor.  I stole  borrowed this book from my parents house when I visited this summer.  I was told they didn't like the story so didn't read much of the book.  The story is about a serial killer stalking the backwoods of Northern California near the area where my family lives. 
Also I am reading Frozen Stiff Drink by James Cudney the 6th book in the Braxton Campus Mysteries.

Finally I saw this and it made me really giggle.  I had seen a meme recently how it was like the 97th day of March since it seems like it has been so long.  I will agree while many are practicing the shelter at home, those of us that are essential workers, at least in retail have been dealing with the crazy first couple of hours of each day where people stream into the store to snatch up any toilet paper, meat, milk, eggs or bread that is available---the co- workers that are so anxious they can't function, other co-workers that have chosen to just do a LOA until this is over, which means less people (example: my department which has usually 10 people, and that is still short staffed, currently has 3 employees including myself, that are willing work.) 

I laughed so loud, the Shipt(private shoppers for online orders) girls came to check on what was so funny.  We all had a good giggle together in the aisle. Obviously we were not practicing social distancing. 

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  1. Hi Colette! Wow, your department usually has 10 staff members and is now down to 3?!! Holy moly - no wonder you're working so many hours. That M&M bag made me laugh out loud. I had to share the photo with Sue and her mom, who is over for some coffee this morning. She still comes every morning - we're all safe because we haven't been anywhere in days. Today we're going to pick up groceries for all of us - they put the stuff in the trunk for us. No store shopping in ages. Take care! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I have not been in a store in weeks so seeing those fun finds on the shelf made me smile. The flowers look beautiful. May you and co-workers be safe and well <3 Pat

  3. love the flowers, can't wait to go back to our Walmart it will seem strange!

  4. we got a lime cake from our grocery and it might be the best cake I ever had, thank you to our bakers!!! and you for reminding us to keep life sweet. M&M's is funny, always count on you to give a good book recommendation. Thanks, hello to bobbin, kittens and chooks!

  5. Stay safe and well my friend, praying for you!

  6. A delightfully entertaining post. Isn't it interesting how many "likes" you can find when you sit down and take the time to ponder it. I am a HUGE fan of Peeps, but I am not sure I would like the cereal - I think it is the soft marshmallow aspect that appeals to me. Thanks for continuing to work in your store - folks like you are the unsung heroes of this crisis. Stay healthy, and thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. What pretty flowers! So promising of Spring! I'm sure working in a grocery story that you find unique items! Love the big bag of M & M's. I need them! HAHA!

  8. The M&M's made me laugh, too. Wow - skeleton crew to keep things running. Glad you're keeping a sense of humor. Be safe.

  9. Love your likes.praying that you stay safe in these crazy times. Pretty flowers. Love the hyacinths. My spring favs.those m&ms are too funny. Take care my friend and be safe.

  10. Colette, love your newsy posts and this one, for showing me what's out there. Haven't been in a store in over 3 weeks now and missing it. It sounds like you are being a real soldier and I hope management are noting it. I esp. liked seeing those plants as I'm itching to get gardening. Thanks!

  11. I live near the airport too and noticed the decrease in the airport traffic the same way you did. That candy is hilarious, and so true. I would have bought several bags!


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