Wednesday, April 8, 2020

I Like Thursday #104

Welcome to my 104th I like post.

While many are bored and sheltering at home, which may make it hard to find things to like.  I have been working a lot.  Throw in a broken washing machine that I finally managed to repair and my week has been crazy busy.

I like this saying:

 I love the positive way of looking at the sheltering in place.

I like that the Mashpee Indian Reservation has a 45 day hold by the Department of the Interior.  The DOI was set to disestablish the tribe and reservation.  The tribal chairman was notified in March of the DOI intentions, what a surprise during the COVID pandemic to be hit with the notification too.  The DOI would be seizing 300 + acres near Mashpee, and Taunton, (some of this land has been purchased by the tribe).  When you do a deep dive you see that it has to do with Gaming.

I like that my washing machine was finally fixed.  It is a front loader and the door gasket (they call it the boot) tore one day.  I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and ordered the part.  The part came the next day.  I basically have to practically disassemble the whole washer to get the front off to do the door seal.  Installed the rear portion of the door seal that attache to the drum.  With some help from the middle boy we got the washing machine put back to the point where you attach the seal to the front.  Could not get the spring wire to flex enough.  Gabe brought in the big guns, his mom and her boyfriend John.  No go.  So ordered that part.  Lets just say my experience was less than stellar.  I found a place online and I could go and pick up the part.  Retrieving the part and social distancing makes for a whole other story.  Got the part, got it installed, put the washer back together, and we are golden.  You don't realize how important it is to have a washer until you need to wash your clothes daily during this time...or what it is like to not have a convenient washer for a couple of weeks. 

I love that I have a fabric stash that I can grab fabric, wash it and hopefully make a mask tomorrow.  I prewashed my fabric.  I was also given filter material to add by a friend that has been sewing masks for a local hospital.  The hospital had provided her with a bolt of filter material to use. 

I like these books this week.

 China Bayles owns an herb shop in Pecan Springs, Texas.  This is the 3rd installment of the series.  It is so strange to read older books and realize how much things have changed since they were written.
I like Ellery Adams, and this is a new series.  A suspicious death, bring an unlikely group of women together.

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  1. You Go Girl! I'm so impressed you got your machine working again and indeed so important right now. I had read about what the Dept. of Interior was trying to do and so glad they got a hold. Stay well and safe!

  2. Hi Colette! Wowee - that's two years worth of Likes. Yay for repairing the washing machine. I love that saying you shared, and that's an upbeat way of looking at the situation. Oh gosh, I haven't read any of Susan Wittig Albert books for quite a while. I am certain I can start at the beginning again, it's been so long. Take care, my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I love books like that and will add these to my reading list. That's a good quote and I'm very glad you got your washing machine fixed. We need a few things to go right, that's for sure! Take care and stay safe! Hugs from Florida, Diane

  4. really love the first quote and it's true. I would not have even attempted the repair, you're brave! I hate the idea of workmen in the house any time but now would send me off the cliff. Your book suggestions are right up my alley, thanks. And thank you for going into work and making sweet items to remind people of sweet times. Happy Easter

  5. Major congrats on fixing your washing machine! Take care!

  6. Good for you, getting the washing machine fixed! Persistence paid off! I like that saying, too - I definitely feel safer staying at home.

  7. I like that saying too! The positive spin makes it sound so much better! I'm so glad to hear your washing machine is fixed! It's awful not to be able to wash clothes when you need to. Your books looks very interesting. Stay safe!!

  8. Huzzah for a fixed washing machine! And that you pulled it all apart and back together. Congrats. How nice that the hospital supplied the bolt of filter fabric. Every little bit helps. Stay healthy!

  9. You win a gold star for being able to repair the washing machine. Just think how much money you saved. I wouldn't know where to begin. I've read all of the China Bayles series and the other book as well, although I don't remember anything about that one. And a thank you for being one of the dedicated workers who keeps the food stores open.

  10. I admire your tenacity in getting your washer fixed. Just fooling around with my sewing machine last week caused me frustration and that did not involve ordering parts.
    There are always frustrations it seems with land deals and how land can be appropriated by government for oil or pipelines, etc. I get discouraged about such things.
    You are keeping up your reading which is good.

  11. They don't have a right to take the reservation away. They already stole land from the Indians all across the land.


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