Wednesday, April 21, 2021

I Like Thursday #157

 Welcome to my 157th I Like Thursday post.  Thank you to LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find things that we likeNot Afraid of Color love to share with others.

We have had many beautiful days, but yesterday it happened.  We had snow.  About 6-8 inches of snow.  It snowed all day long, and most of the night.  I went into work at midnight, I wish I had taken some pictures of the Bradford Pear, it looked like a Dr. Seuss tree.  But I thought this was interesting looking.

 It is mostly melted by now, but it is chilly.  Bobbin has been taking advantage and drug her bed under the dresser to be almost on top of the heater vent.  My daughter tattled and told her, you are going to start a fire.  She had to send me a picture for proof.  Caught in the act.

The local feed store is fully stocked with so many cool garden whirligigs, art, bells, chimes.  This one caught my eye immediately.

I ordered some fabric from a shop on Etsy and I just thought their sticker that they used to close the bag was too cute. 

It has been a busy week, I worked 6 days in a row because we do a monthly inventory which throws my days off out of whack.  One of the young girls is out indefinitely so I volunteered to work on Friday, even though it is my day off.  Friday is just too busy to not have a baker/clerk during the day.  

The only sewing I have done is charity sewing for church, sewing closed envelope type quilts.  Perhaps I can do some selfish sewing in the next day.  

With my schedule I haven't done a lot of reading either.  

I read Died in the Wool by Melinda Mullet the final book in the Whiskey Business Mysteries.  Abbi is roped into helping a women's shelter and joining the board when one of the clients is found dead, and another disappears leaving her young daughter.  I was sad that this is the end of this series.  

Mortal Arty by Anna Lee Huberis the 2nd  installment of the Lady Darby Series.  Kiera and her family stop at Dalmay house to visit childhood friends, when it is discovered Kiera's original art teacher William Dalmay, who was thought to be dead, is in fact alive, and in residence.  William is suffereing from PTSD and had been placed in an asylum by his father years before.  When local girls start missing, William is the obvious choice.  Kiera is determined with the help of Sebastian Gage to prove William's innocence and get to the bottom of the disappearances.  

A Grave Matter by Anna Lee Huber is the 3rd installment of the Lady Darby Series.  Kiera is visiting her brother and attending a Hogmanay Ball when the First Footer is shoved aside by a young man soaked in blood.  It is discovered the the caretaker has been murdered in the ruins of the old nearby Abby and a grave has been robbed and the bones are missing.  Kiera and Gage embark on an investigation to locate the missing bones, only to discover some of the other noble families have had similar crimes of grave robbing lately.  

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  1. Cold here too. Crazy isnt it? Make sure u take care of you. That Bobbin is a smartie getting herself warmed up.she is so so cute

  2. Oh brrr. The garden stuff must be hard to look at with snow on the ground. I suppose it is a wet, heavy snow too. Poor Bobbin! That would be me too.

  3. We didn't get that much snow, but what we got flattened the hyacinths (the daffodils are already done). And now they say it will be near 80 by the end of next week. If I saw the flamingo somewhere, I'd probably be tempted. I'm thinking I should add more garden art, since the wildlife keeps eating all the plants.

  4. We've been getting snow, too, and I say, "Enough already!" That's probably what Bobbin's thinking, too! It's so fun looking around in the garden and feed stores this time of year - I always want one of everything.

  5. rockin bobbins! lol
    snow. more snow. us too.
    flamingo sculpture! Thanks for that pic

  6. You got a bunch of snow, too! Wow! Bobbin says: I just want to be warm. Lots of good books. :-)

  7. Snow is so unwelcome this time of year! I don't blame Bobbin for trying to get warm. Cute flamingo!

  8. You have been so busy working. Hope the managers are taking note. Meanwhile, we had a bout 2 inches of snow one day last week but it was all gone the next day...just don't want to see it anymore. My daffodils are finally in bloom.

  9. We have snow forecasted for tomorrow (Mother's Day). Weird!


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