Wednesday, April 28, 2021

I LIke Thursday #158

 Welcome to my 158th I Like Thursday post.  Join me, and some other awesome bloggers that share awesome hings we find that we like during the week.  A huge thanks to LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find some good, and sharing.


I am so glad my flowering almond bloomed.  The last couple of years it was a wee bit sketchy.  I thought I was going to have to dig it out.  But this year it looks awesome!

I like a trip to the local garden center.  I bought some veggies to plant, and a few flowers and herbs.  Now to get them planted.  

I loved this wind art that looked like peacock feathers.  

I like I had a few hours to sew my one day off last week.  I did 3 of the little blocks from the sew along I joined.  

Block 5

 Block 6

Block 7

OK no laughing, you can smile widely but here are all the blocks for week 1.  

I only read a couple of books this week.  

Under a Gilded Moon by Joy Jordan-Lake takes place in Ashville, North Carolina upon the completion of the Biltmore Estate.  Kerry McGregor returns home to care for her ailing father and twin siblings leaving behind her dream of college in New York.  Upon her arrival a journalist is killed mysteriously in the street.  Wealth and privilege versus poverty, and expectations which are often wrong war while Kerry attempts to solve the murder of the journalist.  

To Fudge or Not to Fudge by Nancy CoCo is the 2nd in the Candy Coated mysteries which take place on Mackinaw Island.  Allie McMurphy's pup Mal discovers a bone, with orange toe nails in the lilacs by the newspaper office.  Throw in a cooking reality show, Mal continuously finding human bones in the mulch and who are the bodies and who killed them?  

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  1. Oh what beautiful pink blooms! I will not be getting inside a garden center this summer as our strict lockdown continues. But I can order online but it's not the same, sigh. Beautiful stitching on those pretty blocks, Colette.

  2. Maybe that’s what I need, a trip to the garden center! I think any time to sew is a good thing and I love your color choices! Two books read...maybe I read twenty pages! Your amazing!

  3. Your flowering almond is do pretty! I'm excited to get planting, too. Hopefully in the next week or so! I love those little blocks! Are they all paper-pieced? Your books sound good.

  4. I've never heard of a flowering almond. So pretty! The little blocks are adorable! Isn't it great to get a day to sew?? I always love those days!

  5. Hi Colette! Are the pink flowers the flowering almond? Do you get to harvest almonds?? The flowers are so delicate. Your blocks look fun - good for you for having a chance to join a QAL. I LOVE the fabrics you chose for this project. Ooh, I've read all of the Fudge books and even made a few of the recipes shared in her books. The Butter Pecan version is delicious! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. The flowering almond is beautiful. Does it set fruit too? I think you accomplished more sewing this week than I have. Your blocks look so pretty together.


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