Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cutting Through

Still bitterly cold here in Michigan.  Our local schools were out, but the daughter and Grands had school in Ypsilanti.  She said the bus stop was positively awful, made more so that the daughter must wait for 2 different buses one for the oldest girl, then the two oldest boys go on a different bus.  This means that she must bundle the Finn up and he has to go out in this cold too.

I was sew thrilled that I finished my jewel box quilt yesterday, I wanted to try something new, but it had to be small.  Aurifil has a blog.  The wonderful and talented Pat Sloan interviews a designer, and then  that designer presents a block for that  month.  The blog is called Auribuzz, and you can find it at the link.  I decided I would like to do the BOM and I wanted a Red and White quilt, so dug through my stash for fabrics.  

The block finishes at 12 1/2 inches, which compared to many quilts is quite substantial.  It was nice to do something new that was easy peasy!

I also worked on the final step for the Quiltmaker Lazy Sunday Mystery.  I finished cutting all the parts,

and here all the parts are laid out.  Now just to get to sewing.

I love sales at Hancocks of Paducha, they are my downfall, but when it comes to stash enhancement, especially for batiks they are my go to company. While many people are using up what they have, I have no qualms in helping the economy by buying fabric. 

From left to right, there is a lovely flower print I got from my LQS on their sale table, then the next 4 are all from Hancock's of Paducha and they were only about $6.00 per yard.  Now to just figure out what I want to use them in for a project.

DH and I went out this evening, we got a bite to eat, ran to the post office, and got the ancient uncle some kerosene fuel for a heater which he uses in the garage to keep his chicken warn.  The ancient uncle wanders out there several times a day and turns the heater on.  For A Single Chicken.  What is scary is that the wind quit blowing and the temperature while we were out was at its highest for the day at 12 degrees!  With no wind it isn't too bad, but per the weather forecast the wind will be back with a vengeance tomorrow, which means that the cold will cut right through again. 

Oh and today is my Blogiversary....boy that one snuck up on me.  Thanks for sharing the ride this year.  


  1. I think it is sweet he wants to keep his chicken warm! You should join the red and white challenge that Sewcal gal is hosting this year.

  2. It's cold here today, but our cold is nothing like your cold so I can't whine too much. :O) Cute red and white blocks and your stack of mystery blocks looks so fun!

  3. Well you managed to keep busy and the red and white block is just lovely.

    Hope you stay warm and safe.

  4. great idea to do the BOM in red and white

    Happy Blogiversary!


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