Friday, January 31, 2014


Today is the last day of January.  While January 1st is a huge milestone to everyone, I always though January did not really hold too much appeal to me.  Growing up January is cold, rainy, dreary, the only bright shining spot when I was a little girl was that it was my great grandmother's birthday.

When you have your first child you often use a Milestone book to record all the important information.  Height, weight, how they develop.  Some pictures of their first haircut, tooth, crawling, walking.  I will admit I was never very good at that type of thing.

Now January is full of excitement.

The oldest daughter's birthday is at the beginning of the month.

The Finn celebrated a birthday.  He turned 1. 
Um the mess he created all on his own.  Put the cake down in front of him, he put a finger in, tasted, grabbed the cake with both hands and basically buried his face in it.

DH and I celebrated our first anniversary.  I made him this little stitchery project with some quilting.  I must say that I could never believe being married to someone would be so simple.  Somehow on this long and winding journey God helped me find him. 
I got a cast iron griddle to go over two of the gas burners on the stove to make pancakes.  Don't judge!  I love pancakes and I use a recipe that tastes just like the ones my great grandmother used to make for me.  It is nice to be able to make 2-3 at a time.

I decided to add up the number of books I "read" this year.  OK maybe listening to them on my Kindle is not technically reading, but I get so much done. I posted about the feature on my Kindle here, so it has not really been a whole year that I have been reading books this way, but what a lovely way to pass the time while I am sewing.  I have listened to some classics such as "Evangeline" which made me research about the epic poem and what it was based upon, discovered some new authors, and enjoyed some old favorites.  I read/listened to 50 books by the end of December 2013.   

January 29 was also my blogiversary!  One year! 213 posts, and many new friends I have met along the way.  Thank you everyone for joining me on the journey.

I know where is she going with this?  Right?

I received in the mail the other day in a nondescript envelope-----drum roll please!
An AARP Card!
I know I am hiding my last name.  For some reason they sent me an AARP card with my married name from several years ago.  But still an AARP card! I am going to have a milestone birthday in February.  I am going to be half a century. 

OK for some quiltiness.  My goals for the month were to finish my jewel box quilt flimsy (done) ,my Lazy Sunday Mystery quilt top (not quite but a good start), and a gift for DH for our anniversary.(done)

Jewel Box
Lazy Sunday Mystery
 The Lazy Sunday I finished all the rows, and the sashing.  I have put 3 rows together so far.  I also have part of the border put together too!

DH anniversary wall hanging
 Not too shabby for the first month of 2014! Some pretty awesome milestones this month, and for next month too!


  1. What a fabulous month you had! Especially love that jewel box quilt. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Sounds like January is now a month full of important milestones for you.

  3. Congratulations on all those new milestones! And to think, I just enjoy January 31 because it means February - and after that, Spring! - is just around the corner :*) Your Jewel Box is stunning - I hope to make one someday. Loved Finn's pic - so sweet!

  4. Congrats on your birthday and happy birthday early!

  5. Congratulations! You've had a really good month - and who wouldn't if they got to see that sweet cake-covered face. :) blessings, marlene

  6. Wonderful month of projects and love the cake in the face photo!! I always took them of my kids when they were little. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary and giggle....I've had a ARRP card for.....awhile!

  7. Lots going on.
    I remember when we got our AARP card. We did subscribe to their magazine for several years
    I just love your quilt tops. Your Lazy Sunday blocks look so great together. Congrats on your tops!
    My birthday is in Feb. too. but I am going to be 57.


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