Friday, January 3, 2014

Ready? Set? January 2014?!?!

January kind of snuck up on me.  I know it sounds kind of silly but the holidays are a whirlwind, and in our family it seems like there is always "something."

At the beginning of December I had a procedure, which essentially sidelined me for the month.  While I tried to plan around my convalescence I did not get everything done such as Christmas shopping or decorating.  I am the queen of the couch, or recliner, or overstuffed chair.... issuing commands to my loyal subject-DH who is absolutely the best by the way.   Being Michigan though there was "weather" which necessitated DH working lots of overtime-(Our decorating was relegated to DH brought down a pre lit Christmas tree but no ornaments), the youngest with her minions wrecked their one and only car, and most recently beginning New Year's Eve a storm which rolled in which meant that the youngest daughter, and DH were working lots of hours and my New Year has been filled with caring for an 11 month old, and 5,6, and 7 year old for the past few days.

I keep reading that New Year's Day is the catalyst for what your year will be only thought is while I love my little ones my last few days have been filled with feeding them, changing the stinky one, and keeping them entertained, and getting a moment to myself has been non existent as well as having anything to eat and not having to share with the bottomless pit who is almost a year.  Oh how quickly we forget mamma mode...probably best for the species.  :D 

I am going to make some light goals for the month especially since I just got a peek at my work schedule today.

1.  Jewel box quilt.  I want to get this to the flimsy stage.  I think I need 12-13 more blocks and they are all laid out and ready to sew. 
2.  Lazy Sunday I want to get this to flimsy stage.  Step 4 I am pretty sure is sashing and cornerstones...not my favorite which I have discovered looking at my UFOs.
3.  I am working on a surprise for DH for our 1st anniversary.
Yep some embroidery, which when I am finished will be made into a small wall quilt.
4.  I want to finish unsewing my old Christmas Wallhanging UFO which needs to be raw edge appliqued correctly.  Note to self-  read the directions. 
5.  If I have time I would love to get some Farmer's Wife blocks completed this month.  I like my goal of 8 per month, but looking at my work schedule I think I am going to be busy.  Stretch goal?

Have you been reading people's New Year resolutions, or maybe made a few of your own?  Do you chunk it up into smaller goals?  I love monthly goals it keeps me a bit more focused.  Already I know that this is not the month to go to the quilt guild meeting since it is at 6 pm and I have to be to work at 9 pm 70 miles in the other direction.  Oh well there is always the next month right? 

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