Tuesday, January 14, 2014

That's Life

I have not had any time for sewing.  I went back to work, and since it is the busy time of year I have been working many hours. DH has been working many hours due to the recent snow storms, almost 40 hours of overtime.

DH brought home a couple of goodies for me thanks to the municipality he works for and their "dumpster" residents must use.  

He found this very cool wooden ladder which had some green paint left on it.  The bottom rung had been broken, and it was about 18 feet tall.  He cut off the top portion so it would fit into our living room.

The gentleman who does home clean-outs for my husband's municipality leaves little gifts for me all the time.  The other day he left this large box full of vintage linens. 
These are just a few of them.  Some are in excellent condition, some have stains, and some have a little extra wear, but I think they can be used for something surely.

I have been working overnights for the past 6 nights.  I will tell you that working 10-14 hours that many nights in a row, not including the fact that the weather has contributed to a couple extra hours to the drive, not a whole lot of sewing is getting done.  Oh well, That's Life.

Here's too my last overnight for a while.  I hope!


  1. I would love a ladder like that to display my quilts! What a treasure trove of linens. You could make all kinds of things with the stained linens, aprons, table runners, valances etc.

  2. I have a bamboo ladder that my daughter bought for me several years ago that I hang quilts on. Oh, lucky you getting the box of vintage linens.

  3. Love your ladder. I have been searching for a ladder with some character to hang quilts on. Your's is perfect!!!

    1. The hubby found mine going into the "pit" at work. I have 2-3. One needs to be refinished but love the green on this one.


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