Monday, January 6, 2014

Name That Block

Name the block.

My mother sent me a picture a couple of weeks ago and asked me what block is this?
I am not too sure.  What is amazing about quilt blocks is that they go by many different names.  According to the quilt index it is called Duck and Ducklings.

I tried drafting my own pattern and was very happy with how it turned out, and how quickly I did it!
Amazing all the different names for different quilt blocks.
This was a test for a drunkards path quilt.  But I have also seen it called Rob Peter to Pay Paul.  But then I have also seen the one called orange peel also called Rob Peter to Pay Paul. 

Recently I saw a quilt pattern called Crazy Anne.  There was a discussion on My Quilt Place about the age of the design, origin.  But then I got to thinking, once upon a time a broken cross (better known as a swastika now) was a common decoration.  There are old buildings in Portland that still have them.  It was originally called The Devil's Puzzle and also called Good Fortune. Not quite as straight.  I kind of like it.
This write up is from the Denver Post and is originally from posts from the 1930's.  The Denver Post republished a series of these articles in 2013 you can find the link here

I will admit I am a history nerd, and I find the information so interesting. 

Oh yes and by the way our weather today, by the time I got home from work it was -13 degrees with a -41 degree wind chill.  Good night for grilled cheese, and tomato basil soup!


  1. We had grilled cheese for supper, it was 0 here by 7:45 when we realized our pipes were frozen again! I love our pink and green block, I bet it makes a great secondary pattern in a quilt also.

  2. i just love your fabric choices for the first block.
    And I thought it was cold here--5*!


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