Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thoughts of Spring

I am an old movie buff.  Probably comes from living with my great grandmother who was born in the 1890's.  I wanted to dance like Ginger Rogers and thought all men could dance like Fred Astaire,  fell in love with Cary Grant at the age of 4,  thought all men should be as tough as John Wayne, and couldn't quite figure out why I could not dance and sing as well as Shirley Temple.  Hey I had the ringlets in my hair!

Whenever we have days on end of snow I think of this song from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, at least the first part with the continuous falling snow.  But then it stops and the sky is blue and it is gloriously sunny.

This is the view off of my sun room.  I love how the wind has created these designs in the snow.  Yes today is a sunny day, but it is only 5 degrees outside, and from the weather report there is more snow on its way .  Looking at my phone for the weather forecast I am hoping they are wrong, cause the high for Monday is 10 with a low of -17, and Tuesday is a high of 1 degrees with a low of -6.  Yikes!

 I know I am jumping the gun especially since we are only 15 days into winter.  But surely it does not help that I am receiving seed catalogs encouraging me to "plan my 2014 garden". 

I got some slow stitching done.  I need to get a move on since it is for our anniversary and I have roughly 3 weeks which may seem like a lot but not when it is a surprise and my work schedule is always changing, so having an opportunity to stitch when DH is not around is kind of a crap shoot.

I did work some more on my jewel box quilt.  A few more blocks.

DH is at work and I have some time so I better get stitching!


  1. Would you believe I have never seen the whole show? Which is odd considering how much I love the old musicals.

  2. I need to watch that again. It's been years since I saw it.

  3. too bad we aren't neighbors we could watch some of those old movies together. i love them. John Wayne was my hero when I was younger.
    I am getting seed catalogs too.


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