Thursday, January 2, 2014

Is Being Irresolute a Resolution?

Do you make resolutions?  I quit many years ago.  I enjoyed reading people's resolutions though.  They are going to get healthier, not buy fabric and use their stash only (I am not even going to attempt that one), finish up UFO's, I am not going to try to keep track of their resolutions heck I can barely figure out what  I am doing at times.  If they succeed I am joyous and cheer them on, and if they lapse I will lament along with them or ignore it whichever way they choose.  Some choose words that they are going to live by for the new year.  Kind of a mantra.

So if I choose to not make a resolution does that make me irresolute?

My quilty goals for 2014?

Sew many quilts sew little time.  Just look at my UFO page.

My immediate goals I want to finish my jewel box quilt, and the Lazy Sunday Mystery quilt from Quiltmaker magazine.  I am hesitant to make any goals right now since I will be going back to work and it is not stable so it is kind of just fly by the seat of my pants.  

I want to do more slow stitching, cross stitch and embroidery.  This is my mom's house at Christmas.  At one time I was making everyone a cross stitched stocking.  I am a wee bit behind, and I need to get caught up.
There have been many additions to the family over the past few years.  (ahem and some deletions)  I have Gabriel, Finley, and Cayden (grandsons) Nikole (my gorgeous SIL) and Pablo the newest Nephew, Dustin (the SIL) and one for my hubby.  I love my dad's comment, can't we just pick names off of some of the ex husband stockings and reuse them?  All she would have to do is add the new updated names? I would also like to make a set for my immediate family here in Michigan, and hey maybe a set for the daughter's families for their homes too?

I am going to be more proactive about writing down or sketching ideas.  I don't know about you but I always have loads of ideas for presents right after Christmas.  I need to work on those throughout the year.

I am going to donate more quilts to charity.  I have been on a pace of  one a year.  I would like to do much more, there is such a great need.

I am going to join a quilt guild.  What better place to get you mojo working than with others with the same love.  This one is going to be tough for me.  I am not a joiner, and am so shy.  Seems like every time I get the nerve up something happens that day and changes my plans. 

I  would like to take some classes, and there are a couple of LQS that do sit and stitch a couple of times a week.  I need to get out much more other than just to work.  

I am going to enter a quilt into competition.  I am shooting for the county fair in August.

I am going to try some new techniques.  Applique', foundation piecing, use some new tools.  Always fun to learn something new right?

What worked for me in 2013?  Making monthly goals, listening to books on my Kindle while I sewed and machine quilted, rotating projects so I had lots of variety which not only added to my UFO, but also helped me improve my skills this past year.    

Finally my word for the year?  There are so many which would be appropriate.

I am going to remember to always be Grateful.

I need to remember to grateful for the good times as well as the bad times, and remember that everything happens for a reason, which I may not understand at the moment but eventually it will become revealed and become a learning experience.


  1. Great goals! I need to grab a minute and think things out as well as you did.

    Grateful,is a great word. I am still thinking on what word I would use. Nothing is jumping out.

  2. Grateful is a wonderful word! I had to giggle about the names on the stockings....too cute and true! I hope you have a wonderful year and I'm not a joiner either.


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