Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Packing It In

I still have one large tote, and a box of fabric left.  I have decided I am done cutting and trimming, slicing and dicing.  Even DH was in agreement and said if I could get it into two totes I could store it for now.   What is sitting out I will finish cutting into the scrap system, but all the rest will be packed away.  Hopefully not as long as it had been previously.

The RSC color for May is green.  They were suggesting like an evergreen color.  Now that is a color that is not very prevalent when it comes to fabric if you go shopping, but if you have an ancient stash.....and inherited more stash it is pretty easy.

A plaid fox, made from shirting fabric found in the MIL stash.
Leaves again found in the MIL stash which I have acquired.
Say hi to Paddy O'Fox again another piece found in the MIL scraps.
Another leafy fox made of batik from my stash.
I am calling this one the twirly swirly fox the background is a dark green with the lighter green scribbly circles.  I found a fabric in the MIL inherited stash which was almost like the cross hatch that I like to use, and I went to cut it into 3 parts.  Two parts for the Twisted Blossom quilt, and then the parts for the fox.  But I had my big square 12 1/2 inch ruler upside down so I didn't cut a section 6 3/4 inches, it was 5 3/4 inches.  I had enough that I could cut the two parts for the Twisted Blossom but not enough for a fox.  Drat! 
My 5 foxes for may in their lineup.
All my foxes hanging out together.

When I finished I started pulling for the  next thing on my to do list.

I think this will turn out fabulous.

When I am not clearing out boxes of fabric I have been out working in the yard.

This little flowers make my heart zing.  It is a flowering almond and I just love that big burst of pink!  My great grandmother had one of these in her yard when I was growing up and I just loved it.  Hers was tall and spindly, but mine is a nice little bush which is about 3 1/2 ft tall.  Of course since it is warming up the girl's abode needed a clean out so they were allowed out to roam.
Yep they are playing in the dugout area where we were going to put a pool.   While there is no pool there, that area always fills with lots of water, and it sits for several days.  The girls were actually kind of sloshing around in there.   Lots of wiggly wee beasties for them to gorge on.  No they do not play frisbee, just tomato or strawberry football.

Speaking of wee beasties, this one gave me a start while I was pulling grass out of my creeping phlox ground cover.
 At first glance I thought it was bird poop, because for some reason the mourning doves have decided that this place along the foundation of our house, and in the grass coming up in my ground cover is the place to be!  If I am in that area they raise quite the fuss. 
Upon closer inspection it was a little frog.  I could not get over how he really did look like a rock, or a big glob of bird poo.  He hung out there while I continued to weed, and all was right with the world.  He did not jump on me or at me, and I got large bunches of grass out of my flower beds.


  1. Oh your fox quilt is coming along so fun!!! (I love it!) (PS: I'm sooo behind on my RSC) ANyhoo....congrats on nearing the finish of your big clean out!! Happy Spring for sure!!

  2. Guess MIL's fabrics have found a great new home in your Little foxes quilt--it is really lovely. I love how they all look in rows...that frog is amazing--how to hide in plain sight...hugs, Julierose

  3. Love your foxes, that plaid green one may be my favorite :) Poor little frog/toad guy...not a plus to be mistaken for poo!

  4. my flowering Almond blooms every year for Easter

  5. You have a fabulous flock of foxes there! Looks like your MIL fabric arrived just in time. Love, love your flowering almond bush! So fun for the girls to get out and play. That is a strange looking frog!

  6. What a wonderful skulk of foxes - I looked that up as I wondered what a group would be called. Funny name eh!

  7. Love, love, love the foxes and that frog is the coolest thing! I haven't seen a frog in our garden in a long time. Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Your fax quilt is fabulous! Can't help but smile when I look at it!


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