Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Little of This and That

I have been busy and between my crazy work schedule, the in-laws and the outlaws we have been spread pretty thin.

Wednesday last week was supposed to be my day off, but my Tuesday night turned into not getting home until almost 6:30 am Wednesday morning.  I had planned on doing some grocery shopping but after showering and unwinding I fell into bed and was woken by DH at 4 pm, saying get up and get dressed we have to go.  Our 3 year old Husqvarna Commercial Grade Zero Turn Mower had broke down and we had to go to the tractor store to pick up parts.  This is the 2nd mower we have had, one was replaced, and it is the third breakdown in three years since it was originally purchased...with only 99 hours of mowing, which is not much for a commercial grade mower Especially considering that a lawn service would put that many hours on it in 2 1/2 weeks. 

All I could think of is thank goodness it was DH using it when it went kaput instead of me.  I would have never heard the end of it.

After going to the tractor store and them deciding they would come and pick it up and service it we headed to pick up some staples.  You know you are busy when you run out of dish soap, laundry detergent, and toilet paper.  By the time we got home, it was late, and I had to be to work early in the morning.

Thursday- I thought (I have been getting done early) that I would stop at the LQS (needed some binding and machine needles), go to the bread store, and stop at the butcher shop on the way home.  Yep that plan fell through.  We were not finished until well after 4 pm and after 1 1/2 hour drive home about all that got accomplished was a night out to dinner.

Friday mission accomplished. After working a couple of hours in the morning started with my stops.

LQS- Material Girls in Dearborn, Michigan to pick up some fabric for binding and some sewing machine needles.  I had heard that if you are going to FMQ sometimes a size 14 needle is better than using a topstitch needle, and since I am still fighting with the thread breakage on my other quilt I thought hey it is worth a try.  I hadn't been to the store since they expanded and it is nice.  They are one of the few quilt shops nearby that has a large selection of batiks. 

I also purchased a fabric pencil eraser and a couple of yards of a solid.

Bread store, butcher shop, grocery store.  Home unloaded groceries, put them away, cleaned and prepped my fruits and veggies, and when DH came home he helped divide and package the meats from the butcher shop. Then the call from the MIL came.....

Her air conditioner is not working.  It is 8:30 pm.  I am forced back into the car to go to her house to repair the A/C.  DH is not happy because her little bungalow type house looks like it could be on an episode of hoarders.  Between the MIL, the two SILs and a niece the basement is packed to the point where there are goat trails to walk, and there are two rooms which are stacked floor to ceiling, front to back with boxes, bags, and what not that you can barely get the  doors opened.  So to get to the A/C where it was blowing water all over was a trick in itself.  DH discovered that the pipe that vents the A/C was full of dust, dog and cat hair.  Once he cleaned it out it seemed to be working better. 

Saturday I finally had time to sew and Finn showed up to collect his sandbox, and his new sand toys that we bought him.  He loves being outside and everything is "What's that?"  I finally got some sewing done in the late afternoon.

I always thought things would slow down after the kids moved out but it seems that life seems to be more hectic on a yearly basis. 


  1. Geez!! And I complain about having trouble finding time to sew, I won't any more! It sounds hectic! My Mom bought a brand new John Deere lawn tractor and constantly had problems with. I hope you get your mower fixed!

  2. I thought when I retired I'd have a ton of time. I don't! Your life sounds so busy and crazy, but I'm glad you got some sewing time in there. :O)

  3. I know. when I was laid off I thought I would have tons of time to do things too. seemed like I was busier than when I was working! always something to do. I guess that is why "womans work is never done"!

  4. Sure a lot going on in your day! Love that teal batik!

  5. I keep telling people I'm busier retired than I ever was working - so I agree with you. Just because the kids are out of the house doesn't mean you don't have a million things to do. blessings, marlene

  6. Totally understand your feeling that life has gotten harder as we go along! Yes, it's nice to have the kids all grown up and on their own, but they're not really on their own - we are always helping one of them or a parent out of a tough spot. But then I think how lucky we are to not be alone, so I shut and try to keep the positives at the forefront! It looks like you have a similar attitude :)


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