Wednesday, June 25, 2014


For  bod  ing-  noun- : a feeling that something bad is going to happen

Definition from Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary.  That is the dread I have been feeling all night and for the last couple of days.

Why?  Do you ask?  The last couple of days I have read blogs where people have talked about fabric bleed.  I am not a prewasher and I haven't had any problems before but for some reason I have this feeling that I may not be so lucky this time. 

 Reason 1.  I used a pink sewline pencil to mark my quilting lines. 

It was not coming off with the eraser even with the light lines. 

Reason 2.  I threw the quilt into the wash on cold with a few  color catchers.

I went into the laundry room and a couple of the color catchers were caught alright.  In the door of the HE washer and they were looking very color saturated.

I guess time will tell how bad it is. 

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