Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Jury Duty Free

I was scheduled (once again) for Jury duty for Monroe County.  I was on Jury duty last year for two months and I was scheduled to be on Jury duty once again for the month of June.  I called Sunday morning and I have officially been dismissed which meant.....I could sew!  Yes I an doing the happy dance.  While I know that you can request to be excused I feel that it is part of my civic duty to participate when called.  I want a jury of my peers if I ever would have to stand trial.  Not a jury full of retired, or unemployed, disenfranchised individuals.  So I serve even though 3 months in a year is pushing the envelope a bit. 

My sewing I worked on?

I worked on my quilt test. I am 2 blocks short of being finished.  But I don't have the color I want so that means a shopping trip.  Darn!  Sorry no pictures I will just leave you with my color inspiration.
I finished my Aurifil block of the month.
Then I tackled the block for the Designer Batiks group from My Quilt Place which was the recently selected block.
I think it turned out alright and I love the movement that it has.  I then wrote up the instructions- with almost all necessary illustrations and/or pictures, step by step for my mamma and e-mailed them to her. 

Tuesday I had to work far away, but we finished in a very short time so I was home by noon even with the 1 1/2 hour drive.  Since the above block was quite frustration for many people they chose another block to work on while someone drafts a better pattern and instructions.  (Not me!).  So I worked on that block.
It is called Carolyn's Star and it is from Quilters Cache.

Not too shabby for the first couple days of the month!  Tomorrow will be a shopping trip for some fabric, and maybe some Farmer's Wife blocks. 

Welcome to June!


  1. Wow - that first block is pretty complicated, but I'm like you - I love that movement!!! You did a great job on it too :) Can't wait to see what you bring home from your shopping trip!

  2. Lovely blocks, and I can't wait to see the results of your shopping trip.

  3. That designer block does look complicated, but it really does have 'movement'! You are already getting your June goals done. I have jury duty for the whole year of 2014, but have not been called yet. Hope you find the right fabric.

  4. In MA, jury duty is one day or one trial. Unfortunately I got called for Grand Jury a few years ago, which is an entirely different matter. I served for almost a year. It was like having two full time jobs. Love all your blocks! Wish I had your energy!

  5. you are sure getting those goals checked off the June list for sure. love all your blocks. it is going to be a great quilt.

  6. carolyns's star is really neat!


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