Monday, June 2, 2014

June Goals

June is another busy month.  I have decided once the weather breaks and it is nice and we have a lot of outside work to do, that is about the time all the family needs us to do something too!  So far we have installed 2 air conditioners, cleaned up people's yards (OK it was a win for me because there was rhubarb ready to pick so score for me!), there is a shower that needs to be replaced too.  That is just for the first couple of days of June.  I am also working a lot more so not much sewing time so my goals are going to be kind of light.

1.  I showed you my fabric choices and inspirational photo.  I am pattern testing so I cannot share any more.  I have a deadline.  Eeek!  It is good for me though.

2.  I have my Farmer's Wife blocks I would like to get at least 10 done this month then I would only have 19 left.
3.  The Aurifil Block of the month has already been posted!
4.  The Red and White Drunkard's path
 5.  I came up with an idea for my flying geese so I have still been using it as a leader/ender project.
6.I have an idea and some fabric for the Round Robin
7.  I would like to get another couple of the Green Tea and Sweet Beans blocks finished.
8.  Finally I joined the Monroe County Quilt Guild.  Just in time to enter the Autumn quilt show.  I also decided to try the quilt challenge.
This is the fabric which must be incorporated into the quilt.

Plenty to keep me busy.  That does not include all the quilts that I need to quilt and bind.  Oh and my book count for the month of May was only 4.  Which is a total of 33 for the year.  Not bad for listening while I work.

Do you have any big plans for June?


  1. Collette I love your fabric organization in the earlier post! We are doing the same things just miles apart - I think that is so cool!!! You have plenty to keep you busy this month :) I love the fabrics you've chosen for your pattern test - really lovely!!!

  2. I think your example of setting goals at the beginning of each month is wonderful. And you do such a great job of accomplishing your goals each month! I hope to finish my basket quilt and get as many Shimmer blocks done as possible. Of course I decided to make another small quilt for the guild's auction, so we will how that goes.

  3. Scuse me? I thought you said at the beginning of your post that you were keeping it light this month? That looks like a whole lot of work to me.

  4. You are busy, getting a lot done even through you are working

  5. At that rate you should have the Farmer's wife quilt finished by the end of the summer!

  6. Collette, your version of "down time" is far different than mine. You and hubby are welcome to come here and do some yard work!
    Pugs and kisses,

  7. wow you will have a busy month for sure. good for you! I set smaller goals because in my world something always comes in the way of finishing them. for example; niece texted me about making a diaper cake for someone. of course I will help her make one. see what I mean?

  8. I am sure you will make lots of new friends in your guild. I enjoy my guild a lot.
    Can't wait to see what quilts you enter in your show.

  9. I made a drunkards path out of red and white calico 20 + years ago....I have red where you have white. Still love it to this was for Ranchman.


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