Sunday, June 1, 2014

May Recap

May what a blur, and I am hardly believing it is June 1st already.  I did alright with my goals.

1. Finish painting the cabinet for the sewing room I used a home made chalk paint recipe the first one I did not love, but the second one was fabulous, I am sure part of it is that there is a learning curve too.

I have an old buffet that someone had painted kind of an avocado green so it is going to get remodeled into an entertainment center because it has good bones. 

2. Rearrange the mess in the sewing room.    The majority of the fabric is folded, I have been actually working on moving my batiks now. 

3. Yep 8 more Farmer's Wife blocks  I was so excited to have only 29 left to do and thought about doing a couple more, but of course the next 8 were a bit strenuous and so I was just not up to it. 
 4.  Aurifil Block of the Month
5.  Drunkard's Path-  Somewhere I calculated how many many blocks I needed something like 64 blocks, each block is made up of 16 quarter circle blocks.  Eight red, eight white which translates to 512 of each type of block.  
While I do not have them all cut yet, I did get a lot of them sewn. 
6.  Ancient Flying geese working on it as a leader and ender project  Woohoo a 31 year old UFO is on its way to being finished.  All of the flying geese are sewn and now to work on a layout.  I have 124 of these babies which are 2 1/2 by 5 inches finished. While I may not have enough for a big quilt I think I have plenty for a wall hanging. 

7.  Relaxing Robin

Figure out the next round of this one.  I think I have an idea and found some fabric which will match.  But I didn't get much done.
8.  Green Tea and Sweet Beans just plugging along.  

The wagon wheel blocks are a bit intimidating so far.  I started cutting out parts and decided I was not loving them so will start to find different fabrics to use.

Add on top of this a chicken house renovation to add "the kids".
They are getting big-fast.  They have feathers and they now have an enclosed porch so they get outside time.  Soon we will have to finish up their run but for now they must be happy with their porch to sun themselves. 

The gardens cleaned up and planted.  Including a separate garden for corn and beans, several rows of sugar snap peas, and carrots, and I can say that I think the herb garden is looking good as well as the flower bed on the east side of the house is officially "done".  Just to keep it weed free, and add a few annuals yearly but it is going to be gorgeous and all of the perennials are starting to spread. 

I had a very full month and looking forward to June.


  1. What recipie did you use that you liked? I want to do some painting one of these days. =)

  2. Congratulations on meeting your May goals! Sounds like the garden is doing well!

  3. What a busy month you had! You always get so much accomplished! I bet you are loving your new storage shelves!

  4. You are the Energizer Bunny! Your blocks and sewing room look great. Thanks for the tip about the comic book backer boards. That`s a fabulous idea!

  5. Chickens! I keep gong back and forth about getting chickens.
    Great way to store your fabric.


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