Thursday, May 29, 2014

Prep Work

When I don't have a lot of time to sew or in the evening while sitting with DH while he watches TV, sometimes I try to do some prep work for what I want to work on.

I tore apart my connector block which I did not like so that I would not have an orphan block hanging around, and resewed it using the new green which I like a whole lot better.
 I think it plays better with my batik scrappy blocks.
And because I did that I have bonus squares.
I also worked on some templates for a block for the My Quilt Place Designer Batik Quilt group it is called Spinning Stars and you can find the block here.

I made my templates but looking at the page which was provided it just did not look right.  What do you think are there 3 or 4 triangles?

For some reason I think it is 4 but someone else insists that it is only 3. I guess I will just have to bite the bullet and start cutting and sewing.  Ugh!

I finished up all my ancient flying geese from a quilt I had planned on making years ago.
Now what to do with them?  I only have about 200 total. 

I took a stroll around my garden early this morning.
I have my little pink pompom/Dr Seuss looking flowers coming up. 
The bi-color butterfly bush is blooming.
I have a volunteer pansy.  I love pansies and this one is so sweet.

I also ordered another plant a Weigela.  I bought it off of Ebay and with shipping and handling it was still cheaper than anywhere around here.

Finally we all know what Geraniums are but have you ever had wild geraniums?
They have these lovely light lavender or pink flowers.  But OH beware they are invasive.  This is one I am letting hang out in my flower bed until I have something to take its place but I keep a sure eye on it.

A little prep work goes a long way, and it helps keep me moving.  Kind of like how I am a dabbler.  I will do a little housework, or pull a few weeds in the garden here and there.  I just hate to tackle a huge job head on and keep with it but sure and steady still gets it done.

Have a marvelous, hopefully sunny day!


  1. You could always use your flying geese in a border maybe, if you don't have another plan for them.

  2. I like the version of your block! I would say that there are 4 triangles. One looks like it is an 1/8 " or 1/16" smaller, than the other one. So you are right. I guess you will know for sure when you put the block together. I'll be interested to see the block when it is done

  3. I think I might have the same ancient fabric ! Your batik scrappies are pretty ! :)

  4. I have those same pink Dr. Seuss flowers in my garden!!!! What is a weigala? I don't have that. You are too ambitious to tear apart your block and substitute a new fabric. How are the chickens doing?

  5. Enjoyed your pictures and blocks!

  6. Love that first block, kinda looking for something to use on my daughter's quilt

  7. love your blocks and your flowers too. as for the flying geese, I always wanted to make a quilt of just geese in rows. Do you have enough for that? I need to get back to sewing after all the gardening........

  8. I really like your block and a glimpse at your flowers is fun too! I didn't know the wild Geraniums were invasive!


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