Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Design Inspiration

I am pretty satisfied with my sewing room and how the stash is organized.  I still have some folding to do and then probably another bout of cutting into the scrap system but overall it isn't too bad.  And I have enough room that I am going to work on getting my batiks into my stash in their own special spot so they too will be easier to use.

 My scrap stash is all labeled and organized and easy to access too.

This is my partial pile of batiks.  Part of it is setting on my ironing board getting folded.
The other part I am digging through trying to kind of match these colors for a quilt.  I tried printing it out on photo paper but I didn't like the color because it was not the same as what it was on the computer.

This is my selection.  I am not too sure about the grays though.  I dug through my stash but didn't find anything that would fit. 

I did manage to get my monkey wrench block made for the My Quilt Place Block of the month we are doing in the Designer Batik group.
Even though the greens are a bit different than the last couple I used I think it will work.
I need to throw together a couple of connector blocks to see if it helps tie it together better.
Here is a picture of my Columbine.  I also have some purple ones.
Their faces doe not point outwards like the pink ones, but they bow their heads looking toward the ground. 

I love design seeds it is a great place to get color inspiration sometimes.  Where do you get your color inspiration?


  1. I love your ocean inspiration. Right now, my neighbor has the most gorgeous Clematis and Peonies (purple and fuschia) in bloom in his front yard. I definitely want to make a quilt with those colors. Oh garden twin, did you guess that I have columbine in my garden too? Just starting to flower.

  2. love your ocean inspiration too. those colors speak to me. your flowers are looking great. I love this time of year when the world's colors show up.they inspire me.

  3. I agree with the others, the colours in your ocean inspiration are just gorgeous and they'll make a wonderful quilt.

  4. Your sewing room is looking better and better. So nice to have things organized. I absolutely love your beach colors! That will be a fabulous quilt!

  5. Looks wonderful to see all your scraps and fabrics so well organized!

  6. Your room is looking great!! It's so much easier to find what you want and see what you have when it's all organized. =)

  7. I like the greys you picked with the fabric.

  8. Your organization is wonderful !

  9. Your sewing room is looking wonderful!!! It's so much easier to create when you like your surroundings :)


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